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Covid-19 in OKC (coronavirus)

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In my opinion, no company should require employees to get covid vaccinations until it's fully approved by the FDA.

I'll admit though, with all the crazy stuff against taking the covid vaccines going on the Internet, I would probably be too afraid to get one if I was under age 40 or 50. But like I said before, if younger, I would, no doubt, feel myself frustratingly lodged between a rock and hard place. It's also like back when I got the covid vaccine during both times I asked myself if these vaccines are so safe, why do I have to wait 15 minutes before leaving? I didn't have to do that for the flu vaccine. Anyway, I sure hope next summer is a lot better and things are ever more back to normal.
Bunty, a small percentage of people are allergic to vaccines and can go into anaphylactic shock. Doing so is not a death sentence as people can be administered epinephrine in the case that they react allergically. Because it sets in so quickly, 15 minutes is long enough to determine whether someone is reacting badly to the shot.
We had a bee nest in a railroad tie, and couldnít safely work the switch. One of the managers came by to see, and didnít get out of his car, as he knew he had serous allergic reactions to bee stings. Fortunately most just get the hurt of the sting, with no reactions.

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