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  • 4-tower development takes another step

    Plans are moving forward for 4 new towers in the Bricktown area; all would be around 30 stories tall.

    The property is the surface parking near Harkins Theater, commonly known as the ‘Uhaul lot’ as it wraps around an existing Uhaul storage facility.

    A California developer is asking for $205 million in public incentives on a total investment of $736 million.

    The plans call for 3 28 story residential buildings, a lagoon with a large entertainment area that would feature a large video wall, rooftop bars, structured parking for both residents and the public, and another similarly-sized hotel tower.

    The Dream Hotel is not included in the amounts referenced because it is ineligible for public incentives due to a convent that Omni forced upon the City when it agreed to build nearby. The hotel would be in the northeast corner of the property and the 3 residential towers would be built along the western edge.

    There remain required approvals for the public money, and ultimately City Council will have the final vote.

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