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  1. Covid-19 in OKC (coronavirus)

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    In my opinion, no company should require employees to get covid vaccinations until it's fully approved by the FDA.

    I'll admit though, with all the crazy stuff against taking the covid vaccines going on the Internet, I would probably be too afraid to get one if I was under age 40 or 50. But like I said before, if younger, I would, no doubt, feel myself frustratingly lodged between a rock and hard place. It's also like back when I got the covid vaccine during both times I asked myself
  2. 2020 Presidential Race

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    Hey buddy, I only deal with facts
    He's some facts, not a single state that currently shows Biden as the winner will be flipped to Trump. None. Biden will be president starting in January,
    My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts.......
  3. White Supremacist Rioters

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    "Patriots"- Michigan branch.

    13 charged in plots against Michigan government
    Are these the good guys or the bad guys? Just trying to keep it straight. Seems like they were just following orders like good little fascists...
    Did McVeigh have any connections to Michigan? ...
  4. Old Railroad Question re MKT

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    Two memories of the Katy. Can remember the Katy covered wagons, F units on the old Rock Isand after MKT took over after it went into receivership. They made quite a show up going west up ‘Choctaw hill’.
    And when I hired our on the ATSF, working at the Nowers yard between 23rd and 36th, there was at least one prior right switchman that came over to the Santa Fe when it acquired the rights on the old Katy line thru Midwest city and on to Shawnee.
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