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Thread: Campus Massacre

  1. Default Campus Massacre

    What a horrible tragedy. It's just makes me sick to my stomach.. how senseless.

    Police: 22 Dead After Virginia Tech University Shooting

    Monday , April 16, 2007

    At least 22 are dead after a shooting at Virginia Tech University Monday morning.

    Campus police said there was only one shooter and he is now dead. They are unsure if the shooter was a student.
    "Today the university was struck by a tragedy we consider of monumental proportions," Virginia Tech President Charles Steger said during a press conference shortly after noon. "I cannot begin to convey my own personal sense of loss over this senseless, incomprehensible, heinous act."
    At least one person was killed at West Ambler Johnston, a residence hall, but several others were injured in that shooting. At least 20 were killed at Norris Hall, an engineering building. The dead shooter puts the death toll so far at 22.
    A spokeswoman at Montgomery Regional Hospital said 17 students were being treated there for gunshot wounds, and Carilion New River Valley Medical Center in Christiansburg reports that four people with gunshot wounds were being treated there. Carilion spokeswoman Sharon Honaker said one was in critical condition and three others were stable.
    Judith Chambers, a spokeswoman at Montgomery Regional Hospital, said victims are being treated for gunshot wounds and other injuries. The conditions vary and some are in surgery, she said.
    The school's Web site earlier said one shooter was in custody and officials searched for a second shooter as "part of routine police procedure," but during the press conference Monday, police said they believe there was only one shooter.
    Local FOX affiliate WFXR-TV in Richmond reported that one shooting occurred between 7:15 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. at West Ambler Johnston, and another at 10 a.m. at Norris Hall. The school's Web site confirmed the shooting at opposite ends of the 2,600-acre campus.
    Police also said there is no evidence the two shootings at opposite ends of campus were related.
    Virginia Tech student Blake Harrison said he was on his way to class near Norris Hall when he saw chaos.
    "This teacher comes flying out of Norris, he's bleeding from his arm or his shoulder ... all these students were coming out of Norris trying to take shelter in Randolph [Hall]. All these kids were freaked out," Harrison said.
    The students and faculty were barricading themselves in their classrooms after what one person described as an Asian student wearing a vest opened fire.
    The shooter was "wearing a vest covered in clips was just unloading on their door, going from classroom to classroom … they said it never seemed like it was going to stop and there was just blood all over," Harrison said.
    Matt Merone, a campus senior, was on his way to campus Monday morning when he saw a police officer grab a male student who was bleeding from his stomach area and put him into a vehicle, which whisked him away. He told FOX News that his roommate saw the first shooting.
    Police are on the scene and are investigating along with the FBI. All classes have been canceled, according to the campus newspaper, The Collegiate Times, and students and faculty have been told to stay inside. Tuesday classes have also been canceled. Faculty and staff on the Burruss Hall side of the campus drillfield are being released and asked to go home effective immediately. Faculty and staff on the War Memorial Hall side of the drillfield are asked to leave at 12:30 p.m.
    The campus newspaper also reported that because of serious wind, helicopters cannot be used to transfer the injured. Ambulances are apparently being used to transport the victims to Montgomery Regional Hospital.
    The university community is urged to be cautious. Anyone who observes anything suspicious or has information about this case is encouraged to contact the Virginia Tech Police at (540) 231-6411.
    "There are police driving throughout the neighborhoods with a loudspeaker saying, 'This is an emergency, everyone stay inside, we're looking for suspicious activity," Brittany Sammon, a senior Virginia Tech student staying at an apartment off campus, told FOX News on Monday. "There's no one outside at all, there's no traffic, there's nothing … everyone's doing what they said."
    Sammon, who has a brother and roommate confined to their buildings on campus, said she first got the e-mail from the school regarding the shooting at 9:30 a.m. Monday.
    "It was just very short and brief and kind of scary, because it didn't have any details at all in it," she said. "It's definitely nerve wracking."
    The West Ambler Johnston dorm, commonly known on campus as West AJ, houses about 895 students and is located near West End Market and Dietrick Dining Center.
    Virginia Tech has the largest full-time student population in Virginia, with more than 25,000 students. It consists of eight colleges and graduate school and offers 60 bachelor's degree programs and 140 master's and doctoral degree programs.
    The main campus includes more than 100 buildings located on 2,600 acres, and includes an airport.
    Last August, the campus was closed when an escaped jail inmate allegedly killed a hospital guard and a sheriff's deputy involved in a massive manhunt. The accused gunman, William Morva, faces capital murder charges.
    On April 13, the campus closed three of its academic halls after they received a letter stating that explosive devices were in the building. Classes were canceled for the remainder of the day. A bomb threat was also made against Torgerson Hall on April 2.
    "For some reason, this just seemed a little different … it was more than just a sick joke someone was playing," one student told FOX News about those bomb threats.
    This is a developing story
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    It's unfathomably tragic. It makes me fret about sending my two daughters to college, although I realize there's not much I can do about fate. I just can't imagine being a parent of one of the students there wondering if my daughter was one of the victims.

    Watching the videos taken during the incident makes me ill.

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    They are saying the death toll is up to 32.

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    It's unreal how many losers won't just do the right thing and kill themselves w/o feeling the need to take others' with him...Guess they find it much easier shooting other people's kids than just offing themselves and doing us all a favor


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    When I first heard it was 1, then I clicked a little bit later and it was 22 and then I just checked again and 32 dead and 27 injured.

    It's just too sad for words.. you work your whole life to give your child a college education and someone takes it all away in a senseless act of violence. I can't imagine being a parent in another state waiting to hear from a loved one .. and then never hearing from them... it's just horrific. I can't watch anymore.
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    from the sound of things (and the story is still developing) it's as if there are two random senseless acts of violence on the same campus on the same day. horrific to say the least.


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    Yeah, I just don't understand how there were two attacks two hours apart, and they say there was only one shooter?

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    I think he went in early and then came back to finish what he started.. apparently, he killed himself.

    Maybe he wanted to go down in history.. he will, for all the wrong reasons.

    The deadliest shooting in all of US History.

    Why couldn't he have just killed himself and not taken all those innocent people?
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    So a shooting happens at 7:15 am. One is dead and several injured. THE SHOOTER HAS ESCAPED. And they don't cancel class??????????????

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    Hearing it was a guy upset with his girlfriend..Thinking he may have went to her dorm to look for her and then found her later in class

    Even then...Why take out 30 others if you are just exacting revenge on your girlfriend?...Guess it's hard to figure out what's going thru the mind of someone willing to line people up and shoot them in the back of the head

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    Where are you getting this info, Easy?

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    Guess I should have said I got that info from a college football board I'm on...So not sure how reliable that is jbrown

    Probably shouldn't have posted it

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    I don't know if any of you do this but I do occasionally .. I think it gives the families comfort.

    If you want to Sign the Guest Book and offer condolences to the families, here is the link...

    It lists the all of states and it would be nice to have some condolences from Oklahoma.

    Guest Book - Virginia Tech Shooting Victims
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    Copycat killings.. do you think we will have more events in the days to come?

    It makes me think with all of the media coverage it might make people think ' wow, I can be famous if I do something similar'

    I'm not personally worried (well, a little bit) but I fear that more innocent lives will be lost in the next few days/months because of this.

    What's the solution to prevention?
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    no preventing a jilted lover karried..Happens all the time, but 99.9% of them stop with the target and don't go on to mass murder...Why the campus police thought he had fled the campus after he killed his girlfriend

    Only way to prevent this is to outlaw all relationships....Or to give every man a lobotomy

  17. Default Re: Campus Massacre

    The gunman in Monday’s Virginia Tech campus shootings has been identified as Cho Seung-Hui, 23, a student and native of South Korea, campus police chief Wendell Flinchum said.

    Here on a student visa.

    I wonder how he got the weapons.
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    Default Re: Campus Massacre

    Quote Originally Posted by Karried View Post
    The gunman in Monday’s Virginia Tech campus shootings has been identified as Cho Seung-Hui, 23, a student and native of South Korea, campus police chief Wendell Flinchum said.

    Here on a student visa.

    I wonder how he got the weapons.
    Unfortunately, if you have the $$ it's easier to get weapons than a drivers license.

    Athough this situation is tragic, horrific, and senseless, I hope it doesn't get turned into an immigration issue. I know several UCO students from Europe and Asia who are good law abiding citizens and always willing to share about thier cultures too.

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    Along those lines NE....Imagine the fallout if it had been a Muslim exchange student...Would have added a whole new aspect to the story

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    The political hotbutton this will raise will be gun control, not immigration. It's already happening. I also think there will be some major fallout over the not cancelling class after the first shooting thing. I am seeing calls to fire the Va Tech president.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbrown84 View Post
    I also think there will be some major fallout over the not cancelling class after the first shooting thing. I am seeing calls to fire the Va Tech president.
    I agree completely on this one. How can a school tell students to come to class when circumstances surrounding an early morning murder on the campus has not been resolved. They had no idea what had happened and how crazy this kid was...many lives may have been saved with just cancelling classes in the first place. Ridiculous.

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    Its still very mysterious. They say they still won't link the two, and that they had someone other than Cho being questioned as a "person of interest" when the second shooting happened.

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    Hot of the AP wire-
    The shooter was a loner with a history of anti-social behavior.
    Some of his "creative writing" was so disturbing he was refered to counselling.
    How many red flags does a university need?

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    I just watched the video he mailed to NBC. Hmmm, wow, that is some really good planning. It's chilling to know he killed 2 people and then strolled to a mailbox and sent it out. Or you know, the media was like, SO WHAT WAS HE DOING IN THOSE 2 HOURS?!?!? Now we know.

  25. Default Re: Campus Massacre

    Crazy and irresponsible though of NBC to make the video clips available. All they are doing is turning him into a hero and a martyr for disgruntled kids with Columbine/VT-like plans. In fact, Brian Williams tonight said, "We don't want to give the impression of turning him into a martyr....(a few seconds later).....don't forget more clips tomorrow morning on Today on NBC." Pathetic. It's all about ratings.


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