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Thread: Chili Cookoff

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    I was reading last week's Gazette and noticed the Cookies Inaugural Chili Cook-Off. They are located at 2304 N. Western. Cost is $5 to sample and vote. This might be a good event for those of you who are chili lovers.

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    When is it?

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    I have ALWAYS wanted to go to something like that. Or a bar-b-q cook off. Sounds neat.

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    Oops. March 25th at 1pm, judging is at 4pm.

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    Sounds fun, I always enjoy a good chili cook off.

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    Hopefully, they will do this again next year.


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    you mean this year!

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    Whoops! Yes, I mean this year.

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    So is the place holding this called Cookies? Didnt know if I needed to look for a certain building or what.

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    It's a bar...next to Someplace Else deli.

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