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Thread: The Guthrie Revolt

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    Talking The Guthrie Revolt

    Well lets give it a try, I have requested a Guthrie Forum and I know a few others have too, hopefully with enough request they will start one.

    I have looked around the site and so far it looks OK.

    So spread the word to our other bloggers, I for one, am tired of the GNL.

    I don't know how many public officals we will get to come over here with us, should be interesting to see.

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    Default Re: The Guthrie Revolt

    I'm sure the Talk Around The State section would cover Guthrie news sufficiently. We don't talk too often about Guthrie events.

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    Sorry to those viewing, my first comment may seem a little strange. There is a huge group of people interested in Guthrie/Logan County politics and the overall betterment of our community. For the past few years we have been able to blog on a local newspaper web site. A few of us have been upset over posting deletions by the paper. We just wanted a place to voice our opinions and together find out that we are not alone with some of the frustrations of the City Council, the County Commissions, the lack of Police and Fire, the city Budget, the bad investments made at the Airport on tax payers dime AND SO ON! lol

    I hope we can do that here. Can I get some feed back about how other members feel about this site?

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    An Adminstrator stated he would set up a Guthrie Thread under the city boards, we'll move over to there when it's up, I would guess.

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    Guthrie & Southern Logan County please

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