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Thread: Mall Play Areas

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    Just posting this here beause it's about kids...

    Does anyone ever let their kids play in the mall play areas?

    Everytime I go to Sooner Fashion Mall my stepdaughter asks to play in that one and I look over and it's like a GIANT pool of germs, waiting to infest my kid. lol. I am not sure if it's that or if it's just the fact that I probably would go crazy listening to all of those kids scream and cry for 10 minutes. I dunno, the mall in general is just so packed these days, it can really be hectic.


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    I let my daughter play on it, am sure they go and clean over it when they close down. I don't think it would be any more germ infested than a outdoor playground.

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    MadMonk Guest

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    My kids play on the one in Quail Springs occasionally. Like dirtriders said, if the kids are in school, it's no different from playing around other kids there. You can't keep 'em in a bubble.

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    Quail Springs is a really nice area. It's clean and the kids all seem to be having a blast. It does fill up pretty quickly though, usually before 10:00 am I see a lot of kids already.

    I think it's a great idea because I see the mom's walking with their kids in strollers for awhile around the mall ( exercising) and then they let their child play.. good for both mom and child..they are learning social skills and playing with others instead of sitting in front of the TV.. good for the moms to get out with other adults.

    I understand about germs.. it is scary. You would think if a child is sick that the parent wouldn't bring them to play ( but sometimes they do anyway...)

    Get some antibacterial wipes or gel if it makes you feel better.. wash their hands often and teach kids to cover mouths and noses while sneezing and coughing.
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    For me it would have to be not wanting to hear kids screaming and crying and then dealing with your own crying when you tell them it's time to go.

    I'm not too worried about the germs. We never have been overly sensitive about germs and our kids seem to be the least sick seasonally and chronically of any of our friends. If you don't allow your kids to come in contact with germs they won't be able to build up an immunity.

    Now all this should be done within reason, if a pacifier dropped on the parking lot at Wal Mart we wouldn't give it back to our children.

    And try to use anti bacterial anything as little as possible. Being in public health, I see what anti bacterial is actually meant to be used for instead of just for every day use. It's kind of the same concept as using antibiotics too much; if you do, then it loses it's impact on what you're trying to fight.

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    Yeah, we went to the mall last night and it wasn't as horrid as it usually is. But then again, I almost always go on Sunday afternoon. lol. Yeah..... Anyway, there were only about 10-15 kids in the play area so it was definitely tolerable. Oh yeah, and there are lots of good sales going on right now at Sooner, just in case anyone might have wanted to know.

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    I not worried about the germ part its the older big kids that are jumping around and parents are not paying attention or even watching or getting on to them.

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    There is an alternative to the mall. It has a separate toddler area and these folks are religious about keeping the place clean. Its called Welcome to www.funstopplay.com.
    It's in chase plaza at Memorial and Kirkpatrick.

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