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    Default Introduction and a question

    Hi all, my first post.
    My name is Danny and I live in Tulsa,
    my wife and I like to come down to the city about once a month, we will spend the day at various places, mostly the zoo, and always having lunch at bricktown. we love our getaways to OKC.

    now for the question, I am a photographer, mostly as a hobby and I like aviation photography, here in Tulsa, at our airport, we have an observation lot, does the OKC airport have anyting similar?

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    Default Re: Introduction and a question

    Well, prior to the renovation there was an observation deck just inside the security area in the B concourse, but it wouldn't have been very useful for a professional photographer.

    Your best bet might be the parking lot of the Four Points hotel which is fairly close to one of the main north-south runways.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Introduction and a question

    If you're really nice, and email the airport director, he might give you a tour of the place, and you can get some pics. Or call his office.

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    Also you can park on the east side of the airport along Portland ave,and have a good view of not only the airport terminal but you will be as close as possible to one of the main north-south runways without obstructions,since your at an elevated area the sunsets are some of the best.

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    Default Re: Introduction and a question


    Flatlander knows his flat land. Er...

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