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    Patrick Guest

    Default Heisman winner this year?

    Who do you guys think will win the Heisman this year? I'm thinking Leinart for USC or Orton for Purdue will win. I still lean more towards Leinart. I think Purdue will cough in some of their harder games later in the season. Afterall, they haven't really played anyone yet.

    In a way I'd like Jason White to win of course, but personally, I'd like for Leinart to win it, and then we go and kick some tail in the national championship game. With the new running game at OU, I doubt Jason will have as much of a chance this year winning it. That's okay though. Let's go for the championship trophy.

    Cedric Benson already said he'd prefer the Heisman trophy over a win against Oklahoma. Let's keep him to his word, and slaughter Texas on Saturday. Shut Benson down, and not only can her forget about a win over Oklahoma, he can also forget about the Heisman.

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    There are only four weeks a year I am in favor of Oklahoma winning a football game... All the days they play teams from Texas.

    Jason White winning another Heisman? I really do not care, however, I do like history making events.

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    Default Re: Heisman winner this year?

    Adrian Peterson has a better chance at this time than Jason White.

    I think he's got Mark Mays' support.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Heisman winner this year?

    Hmmmm. Unless USC or Purdue screw up, looks like their QB's will probably battle it out. I personally think it would be interesting to see Leinart go out and win the Heismann and then have OU shut him up in the Orange Bowl.

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    Default Re: Heisman winner this year?

    The funny thing about Leinart is that although USC plays an easier schedule than OU AND his numbers aren't as good as White's, he's still 4 or 5 places ahead of White on most peoples' lists. Explain that one.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Heisman winner this year?

    Hopefully White will keep playing like he did this past week. Maybe 6 or 7 TD's on Baylor would help his record out a little!

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