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Thread: Firefox users

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    Okay, this issue happened awhile back, but it went away. Now it's back with a vengance...

    So when I post something, it loads, and it just keeps on loading a blank page. Anything we can do to fix that, Todd? Or am I the only one?

    The only exception is posting a new thread.
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    Todd Guest

    Default Re: Firefox users

    I have Firefox and will take a look and see what happens.

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    Todd Guest

    Default Re: Firefox users

    This is a post using Firfox version

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    Todd Guest

    Default Re: Firefox users

    The page does not reload but it does take several clicks to post a reply. Weird.

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    Default Re: Firefox users

    My Firefox does the same thing. I post and it goes to a blank page. When I click "reload" my post is there though.

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    Default Re: Firefox users

    Now I use Safari, an Apple browser for my iBook.

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    Ah, I'm on a PC :P Hence the Firefox useage. It's only here that I get anything weird. Making pages compatible for all browsers is tough, though, I know from experience.
    Still corrupting young minds

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    I use IE but I'm considering having Opera put on all of our computers.

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    Same issue with If you Go Advanced and then post with no changes, it doesn't happen.

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    Also, a fix may be available with Firefox 2.0, which should be available on Tuesday, October 24.

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    related post...

    I installed IE7 last week... used it for about a week.... hate it... browsing seemed slower. Uninstalled it just now, now.... I installed Firefox 2.0. Hope it works better.

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    The problem posted by bandnerd, still persist... with Firefox 2.0. Will just do the work around windowphobe stated.

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