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Thread: Czech festival this weekend

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    Default Czech festival this weekend

    Just wanted to remind everyone the Czech festival in Yukon starts this Saturday.

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    Default Re: Czech festival this weekend

    This was our second, at it was fun ! The weather was nice, and the people are always polite.

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    Default Re: Czech festival this weekend

    Nice weather, nice polka bands, nice dancers.

    There were way more people there this year than I've seen in the past (at least until the OU/Texas game started, when I left!)

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    FYI it's time for the annual Czech Festival again. It will be held from 8am-5pm Saturday at Fifth and Cedar in Yukon. Enjoy Czech food like kolaches, watch the parade and pageants, or enjoy the carnival. More than 150 craft booths plus Czech dancers, singers and bands. Admission is Free for more info call 206-8142.

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    Where can I get my hands on some of that fresh Czech food?!

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    Default Re: Czech festival this weekend

    Jack, if you re-read the post above, you will see it is in Yukon at Fifth and Cedar Streets. Here is an article from today's JR:

    Yukon to host Czech Festival

    October 5, 2007

    YUKON – When it comes to the Oklahoma Czech Festival, Marjorie Jezek has seen it all.Forty-two times, to be exact. That’s how many years Czechs and others have congregated in Yukon for the event.

    Jezek, who joined Oklahoma Czechs Inc., in 1966 and is a past president, said more than 40,000 people are expected to attend the parade and carnival and enjoy the arts, crafts and most importantly to many, the food.

    She said crews of mostly senior citizens made 2,500 dozen kolaches. The baking is done from early July through mid-August.“The average age of those on the day crew was 72 years,” she said. Agnes Patzack of Yukon recently turned 100, but that didn’t stop her making the Czech pastries. Jezek said the group uses two large walk-in freezers to store the kolaches.

    The Czech Parade is the centerpiece and begins at 10 a.m. Saturday at the corner of Garth Brooks Boulevard and Main Street, which doubles as state Highway 66. A carnival will run Friday night and all day and night Saturday, and craft booths and the Czech Building will be open at 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Most of the crafts and entertainment action will be at the intersection of Fifth and Cedar.

    There will be no shortage of sauerkraut, kielbasa or boiled potatoes, which will make up the dinner served all day Saturday at the Czech Building.“It’s been a big event,” Jezek said. “There’s been a little bit of growth year by year.”Of course, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce welcomes the visitors and participants and the dollars they bring into town.The event brings money into the city. How much? Officials won’t know until after this festival is over.“There’s never been an economic impact study, but there will be one this year, through a Greater Oklahoma City partnership,” said Sandy Meier, executive director of the Yukon Chamber.

    Meier said out-of-towners usually arrive on Friday. Judging from the phone calls she’s received, there will more of the same this year.“We’ve had people in California and Florida and other places call,” she said. “A lot of people will be here in recreational vehicles. Yukon hotels are quickly filling.”Yukon never tires of its festival, Meier said.“We’ve had it a long time, rain or shine, even when it’s up against the State Fair or OU-Texas football (like this year),” she said. “Between the parade, food and dancers, there’s a lot of people interested in this.”Meier said the Chamber publishes a Czech Festival program, which is given away at an information gazebo at Main and Fifth. Included in all that important are recipes for kolaches and other Czech delicacies. Meier said organizers of the event put everything they have into it. The Yukon Chamber has merchant booths and a lot of businesses and churches are represented.

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    Heh.. Poor lady.. Marjorie Jezek is a friend of mines aunt... She put her cell phone on all the advertisements in the Gazette and the Daily Oklahoman.. I bet she is getting FLOODED with calls.. Hope to see you guys out there!!

    mít jeden celek čas

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