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    Default Pet (Dog) Boarders

    I am looking for referrals for a good, clean dog boarder. Does anyone have experience with any of the local dog boarders? Good or bad.

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    I take my dog to Lucky Dog Lodge off of 63rd & Broadway ext. It's a kennel, so there is no "group" play of the dogs (a couple of individual play times each day), and their rates seem to be alright. I'm pretty happy with them.

    If you're looking for a place to take your dog for a more social environment, there is Central Park. It's on Classen, just a little north of NW Expwy. Their rates are a bit higher, but it's a fun, social atmosphere.

    You've also probably heard of Camp Bow Wow in Norman (I think that's where it is). A coworker of mine takes his dogs there, and loves it. They have group play, etc., and then each kennel has a camera so you can view your dog online.

    Hope this helps. There are many good kennels around the metro area. Just look for a place that's convenient, that will cater to any types of special needs your dog may have, and that's a price you're okay with. Good luck!
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    Hey--I'll try and contact my sister asap and get some info. She's boarded her dogs before somewhere in OKC and was really happy with it. She fosters greyhounds (in her "spare" time) quite a few, actually, and it's the only choice they have if she and her husband must travel.

    I do know there are several places around that are good--but be prepared to pay the big $$$!
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    This is a friend that I used to work with.. she is extremely competent and loves animals more than anyone I've ever met.

    Doggy day care: Edmond's Camp Bow Wow goes far beyond

    David Page
    Tiffany Beal of Edmond was not satisfied with available boarding facilities for her dogs.

    I grew up with dogs, and it broke my heart to put my dogs in a kennel, she said.

    Beal said she was looking for something to focus on after her husband - also a dog lover - died in April 2005. Beal had experience in real estate and construction but when she discovered Camp Bow Wow, created as a camp version of the traditional kennel, she knew she had found what she was looking for.

    The first Camp Bow Wow franchise in Oklahoma opened in May at 801 Centennial Blvd. in Edmond. The franchise is owned by Beal and her brother and sister-in-law - Kevin and Lauree Houghlan. The Houghlans moved to Edmond from Fort Worth to open the franchise with Beal, who has lived in Edmond for seven years.

    A second Oklahoma franchise, which has other owners, is scheduled to open this summer at 105 Sutton Cir. in Moore.

    The Camp Bow Wow concept was developed by Heidi and Bion Flammang of Boulder, Colo., who were seeking a happier place for dogs to stay for the day or night, according to the company's Web site. Bion Flammang died in an airplane crash before the first Camp Bow Wow opened in 2000.
    The concept for the dog day care and overnight boarding camp was developed to promote dog socialization and interaction, Beal said.
    We have four separate play areas where dogs are allowed interact, she said.
    The Edmond Camp Bow Wow has 10,000 square feet and seven employees. Cabins with cots and fleece bedding are provided for dogs staying overnight.
    We typically have 20 to 30 dogs on a daily basis but that will spike on holidays, Beal said.

    The facility has a capacity of 60 to 70 dogs, she said.

    Not all dogs qualify for Camp Bow Wow.
    We interview all of the prospective campers to make sure that they play well with others and then separate them into groups based upon size, temperament, and activity level Beal said.

    Camp counselors monitor the dog groups. Counselors are trained in dog behavior and certified in animal first-aid.

    Edmond's Camp Bow Wow has two basic types of customers, she said.
    We have people are go on vacations of business trips and cannot take their dog with them, Beal said. The other type of customers is normally a two-income family who do not want to leave Fido at home alone all day.

    The day camp customers typically drop off their dog in the morning and pick it up in the evening.

    Camp Bow Wow Edmond also has Web cams allowing dog owners to view their pets from remote locations throughout the day.
    The grand opening for Camp Bow Wow on June 23 and 24 will also serve as a fundraiser for the new Edmond Dog Park. Visitors to the grand opening will be asked to make a donation to the dog park with Camp Bow Wow Edmond matching contributions.
    Donated money will be used to purchase and maintain several pet waste systems for the 4.5-acre dog park scheduled to open this summer in the northwest corner of Bickham-Rudkin Park in Edmond.

    Camp Bow Wow Edmond is just for dogs - no cats or other pets allowed.
    Because of the interaction, there would just be too many problems, Beal said.

    Camp Bow Wow
    Edmond, OK 73003
    (405) 359-7297
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    Default Re: Pet (Dog) Boarders

    I've used Lucky Dog, they are a good place to take your pet!! I would recommend them.

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    Default Re: Pet (Dog) Boarders

    Lucky Dog and Best Friends are where I go.

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