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Thread: Last Farmers' Market of the Season!!

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    Default Last Farmers' Market of the Season!!

    Look What's Fresh at the Last Downtown Farmers' Market of the Season!!

    It's a beautiful day! Visit the market from 10 am - 2 pm today in Couch Park (between Robinson and Broadway, just south of R.S. Kerr)
    100% Oklahoma Grown / Many Items Certified Organic

    Fresh cheese
    Yogurt cheese
    Delicious bakery bread
    OSU or OU Scare-Dolls
    Handmade cards and stationery
    Soaps and lotions

    And much more!

    The OSU-OKC Farmers’ Market in Downtown Oklahoma City, introduced this year by Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City, will return in 2007 with the promise of more vendors and with the support of additional partners in the project.

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    Thanks for the reminder Kim. It has been great to have the market there this year and I look forward to its return in 2007.

    Now, if Downtown OKC and The City can get that great new design you have for Couch Park built, it will be an even better place for the Market in years to come and also a fabulous connector between the revitilized Skirvin and Leadership Square.

    Eat UP Downtown.
    The Old Downtown Guy

    It will take decades for Oklahoma City's
    downtown core to regain its lost gritty,
    dynamic urban character, but it's exciting
    to observe and participate in the transformation.

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