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Thread: Question for OKC Talk

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Question for OKC Talk

    Hey OKC Talk,

    I saw that you made the post in the "Notes From The Forum Administrator" section/forum and wanted some input aon the different skins. I've tried replying to express my opinion there and it won't let me! Any ideas?

    Anyways, in my opinion the imagize skin is great. That's the one I've been using.

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    Todd Guest

    Default Re: Question for OKC Talk


    I'm not sure why that particular forum will not let you post.

    Thanks for the input. We had to narrow down the skin selection because most of them were not compatible with the forum software upgrade.


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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Question for OKC Talk

    The new skin seems to be okay with me!!!! Thanks for all the hard work you do maintaining the site!

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