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    This is the picture taken today (7/11/06) of the Norman SuperTarget being built. I took it while I was driving on 24th street so it's not that great. There is plenty of brick!

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    Thanks for that!

    The whole project is supposed to be high-quality with lots of brick and stone similar to what you find at OU.

    I suuuurrrre wish some renderings would turn up of the larger project.

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    I wish they were building it a Target Greatland instead of SuperTarget.

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    metro, please tell us the difference between "Greatland" and "SuperTarget"

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    Well I'm not sure if they are doing them anymore. They are basically a larger version of a Target (around 150,000 sq. ft) just offering more of everything, including food. SuperTargets average 175,000 sq ft. My initial thought was that the Greatland's were larger than SuperTarget but I suppose not, maybe it just seemed like it a few years back. Looks like they have been phased out though. I haven't been to one in a few years, last time I did I was living outside of Atlanta. I went to their website and couldn't find anything but did a google and found the following:

    http://www.answers.com/topic/target-corporation (scroll down about halfway for pic and article)


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    Wow its changed a bunch since I was by there, only drove down robinson but still even from there it was taking shape.

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    I took some more yesterday as well:


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