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Thread: Texas A & M midnight yell

  1. Lightbulb Texas A & M midnight yell

    There will be a midnight yell at Coach's in Bricktown this Friday night. Incase you aren't from Texas and don't know what that is.....it's where all the Texas A & M er's get together and at the stroke of midnight.....YELL. (hence the name) Of course, I'm not going....I'm NOT from Texas!!!!!!

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    Patrick Guest

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    I'm guessing this is a pep rally of sorts for the game against OSU on Saturday! I'm sorry to burst their bubble, but they're going to get stomped by OSU on Saturday!

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    Yes it is a pep rally. You are right, they will need all the spirit they can get. Imagine all those Texans in one spot. Bon-Fire anyone?? Ahhhh you know that was a joke.

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    Patrick Guest

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    LOL! A&M is looking pretty impresssive this year. Although they lost their first game, they've gotten it going since. But OSU has a pretty strong defense this year, and their running game is powerful. I think A&M will put up a good fight, but OSU will still come out on top.

    Anyways, thanks for providing the info. on their pep rallyon Friday night. I find it interesting that they chose Bricktown for their pep rally. What are they thinking? Oklahoma Citians will favor their pep rally? Yeah right!

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    A&M football people are very cultish. Read an article about it, ironically in a Utah paper. Kinda funny when Utah people think something is cultic. Heh...

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    Bricktown is THE entertainment district in the region, but it's still nice that that's confirmed when visitors to the OU and OSU games go to B-town to have a good time. I remember seeing a posse of Nebraskans the year OU beat the &(%@* out of them.
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    I was in Bricktown before the Oregon game. Lots of OU fans of course, but there was a sizeable amount of Oregon fans too.

    I'll probably make my way down to Bricktown Friday night to welcome the out of towners.

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    Patrick Guest

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    LOL! I'll bet all those Nebraska fans went back to Bricktown after that game to get stoned!

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    Lol. Luke, give those Aggies our best !!!! Explain to them what sushi is...
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    osu vs a&m.... Aggies against Aggies... All of them congregating in Stillwater... there's a joke in there somewhere...

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    A&M has a better run defense than anyone OSU has faced thus far.

    If A&M can shut down the run, they'll have a much easier time.

    As for A&M fans, I have to respect their "tradition" even if it is mostly their midnight yells, etc. So what if they don't win?

    I think it'll be a close game. I'm not sure I'll even hazard a guess at this time as I couldn't really tell you the outcome. After watching A&M against KSU, I was fairly impressed with A&M.

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    Patrick Guest

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    That's exactly why I've been saying that OSU really has needed to work on that passing game in their easier games. Unfortunately, they haven't. Against SMU, I would've left Donovan in and threw the ball around some to give him some practice. OSU is too one dimensional right now. Maybe A&M will push them out of their comfort zone a little.

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