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    Gotta post this quick while I'm thinking about it and before Sat night kicks into gear.

    How do you view shopping around for a mate? You're not married, not going together with anyone...Do you, or do you want to, sex it up with several people each month waiting for someone special? Or, serious relationship or not, is it one person at a time? What do you think of the others you date doing the same?

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    Hopefully these two extremely different stereo-types can bow away from each other. I personally am a one person at a time, more than that just hurts my brain, not to mention that I even have to get to to someone pretty good before I "sex it up". I don't think anyone that dates (sexually) multiple people at the same time is really looking for something solid, whether they admit it or not. I don't keep anything that I bought on a whim very long and I've never had a relationship that started in a hurry last very long.

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