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Thread: See, we're not the only ones...

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    Default See, we're not the only ones...

    This is a really neat site to troll every now and then. I still heavily favor okctalk, but this site allows you to interact more on a national level as well as locally. Anyways, the link below is a thread about surface parking.

    Surface Parking Thread

    This forum has a sticky on OKC developments. Tulsa is also mentioned several times throughout as being way underrated.

    Midwestern States Forum

    "...they paved paradise, and put up a parking lot."
    -Joni Mitchell

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    That was such a great read and a wonderful walk down memory lane..
    Many articles I hadn't seen before.

    It is so fun to see when the Hornet's first came, people were commenting that we wouldn't be able to support the team! That made me smile.. I'm so proud of the way the city is growing and just getting better and better each day.

    I invited some posters to come visit here as well, working together I think we might make a difference for OKC.
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    I'm a regular poster on the SkyscraperCity forum, as well as Skyscraperpage and UrbanPlanet. I think our OKC Development thread is one of the best and purest development threads on SSC, unfortunately no one ever looks at it. So I'd be very happy if I had some new OKC people to help spark interest in the city and make people realize that there are things worth mentioning in the city.

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    Thanks Shane, I was wondering why the OKC is in the Midwest section though... maybe that's why no one is noticing it .. can you ask the admin to move it.. they have OK in the forum for South.. I loved reading it and I remember posting lots of similar articles on another site which I thought was Skyscraper but I can't find them now.. I can't remember which site I posted to!
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Default Re: See, we're not the only ones...

    I remember that thread also, Karried. It had so many photos and quite a few articles. A lot of folks from around the country were also giving props to the new development. I remember a big topic was the underground concourse.

    I've also looked for that thread but I think the mods deleted it while doing site maintenance. I noticed the site got a facelift and I haven't been able to locate the thread since.

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    Oh good, thanks! I thought I was losing my mind.. I couldn't find it anywhere..
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    I think I found it! City Compilations - they moved it...
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Yep, on Skyscraperpage there's also an OKC thread in TX/SouthCentral.

    As far as the Midwest or south controversy--- When I post in the south people tell me to go to the Midwest forum and vice versa when I post in the Midwest. No one knows where Oklahoma belongs. In fact, when Oklahoma is very rarely mentioned in discussions it's because they're trying to figure out which region should claim it (And no one ever wants it in their region.) There are some seriously bad stereotypes about Oklahoma and its cities.

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