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Thread: Data Recovery

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    amethystgirl Guest

    Unhappy Data Recovery

    What is a good program (free if possible) to recover data from a hard drive that has been "quick" formatted? I am mostly interested in some jpg files.

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    Default Re: Data Recovery

    are these pictures worth lots of money to you?

    If so, I'd recommend nothing less than a professional service.

    If you want to PM me, I could get you someone that can either help you, or make a referral.

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    This is a time when I wish I were in Oklahoma City. I would have been able to help right away.
    Continue the Renaissance!!!

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    CaptainAmerica Guest

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    a program that i have had sucess with is the norton disk recovery utility on the norton systemworks cd

    worked fine when my surge protected upc didnt do its job and allowed a surge to kill my comp in the middle of a defrag session, killed the fat table. Generally i dont have to worry about it, whenever i need more storage i just get more money together and buy a new HD

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