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Thread: Something I didn't think about until.......

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    Default Something I didn't think about until.......

    .....I was in Bricktown for more than just dinner and a movie/club.

    I recently got me a job at Sonic and during one of my breaks I was sitting by the Sonic building next to the canal. It was loud!!!! Really loud with the highway being right there. My co-worker and I had to talk sorta loud to hear each other and understand each other.

    I was thinking it might be the Sonic building behind me and the sound waves bouncing back off of it to my ears but I went walking around a little bit. It was loud from the Sonic/Firefly/Mexican restaurant building back to my car which was parked just eat of Toby's. I can imagine what it must sound like going underneath the highway when you are riding on the canal.

    It is real loud during the day but calms down at night somewhat.

    I know the highway is being moved but that won't be for another 6-7 years (probably ten+).

    There is nothing the city can do about the noise. Just an observation and something I didn't think about except when I got to be in the area for work during the day.

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    One time three or so years ago my dad and I were going back to our car, which was parked on the west side of the U-Haul building (back when you could park free over there). We'd been down there many times, so I don't know why it seemed this way, but we thought there was an earthquake for a second before realizing it was the crosstown.

    I don't really notice it anymore.
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    Default Re: Something I didn't think about until.......

    I never notice it when I go down there.

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    Default Re: Something I didn't think about until.......

    I've never really noticed it being a problem while walking/riding under it. It will be moved in less than 5-10years as you stated. Current projections should have it down and replaced within 3-4 years. Patience Danielson. Rome wasn't built in a day.

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