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    Thank goodness I didn't get to make all the MAPS decisions. Had that been the case, the Arena would have been the last project completed rather than the Library and the Bricktown Canal wouldn't have been built at all. Of course if I were King, we would have an extensive street car system and Main Street would have been opened back up across the Galleria super block. But today, Iíll trade those two good things for the one that I thought was just a really bad idea and a waste of money; The Bricktown Canal.

    As is often the case, my morning jog route included the Bricktown Canal. The annual snowy white blossom show put on by the Bradford Pears is over and the thousands of yellow, purple and crimson pansies that provide color throughout the winter months are still looking good. But over the last ten days or so, canal side center stage has been gradually relinquished to the dozens of Redbuds that are now at the height of their bloom. The deep iridescent color of their densely clustered blooms is indescribable. There are lots of other Redbuds downtown including several at the OKC Museum of Art, Myriad Gardens and near the Murrah Memorial but the color of those along the Bricktown Canal looked absolutely extraordinary on this chilly March Oklahoma City morning.

    Enjoy the day.
    The Old Downtown Guy

    It will take decades for Oklahoma City's
    downtown core to regain its lost gritty,
    dynamic urban character, but it's exciting
    to observe and participate in the transformation.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Redbuds On The Canal

    I agree. The landscaping on the canal looks absolutely gorgious. I only hope that someday, the canal may be able to be extended down Reno to intersect with the Myriad Gardens, somehow.

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