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Thread: A General discussion about Singles Lounge Events

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    Default A General discussion about Singles Lounge Events

    In this thread, we will discuss Singles Lounge events. I would like everyone who is single that is interested in attending these events to post their thoughts on an event.

    I would like to plan one event a month starting in April.

    We will have every event in an open public place. At the current time, I will not hold any events at someone’s home. The group needs to get together in public a few times before we hold an event at someone’s house. It is just a matter of safety for you, the other members, and your property.

    Anyone over 18 is welcome to the events. If we have an event that will include the consumption of alcohol, you will need to be 21.

    Understand you are responsible for you use your head and behave like an adult.

    At these events, you will be paying your own way. I will make every effort to make the events affordable.

    I want everyone to feel welcome and a good time to be had by all. This is not a dating service this is just a place to have some fun and good conversation with some people that are single like yourself. If you find love, great go for it. If you do not find love, make an effort to have a good time. Remember, love is not going to come knocking at your door you have to get out and play.

    If there are any issues, you think I might need to cover please post them or IM.

    Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, here are some ideas I had for some events:

    • The Arts Festival downtown in April
    • A Blazers, Hornets, or Redhawks game
    • An evening at Frontier City (Summer)
    • Coffee night at a café/coffee shop convenient to all
    • Pancake night at IHOP
    • Any public event that is not selling something (IE: No boat shows or auto shows)
    • Incredible Pizza
    • Dinner and a Movie
    • Bowling Night (Trust me its fun you can laugh your ass off at me throwing some gutter balls.)
    • Get together for a formal dinner somewhere.
    • Road Trip/Caravan to one of Oklahoma’s many landmark restaurants.

    Now it is your turn. I need your input people. I need to know what your thoughts are. I need your input so I can make these events successful. If I plan them, you will have plenty of notice and you will have a good time.

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    Jack Guest

    Default Re: A General discussion about Singles Lounge Events

    Something simple to start things off, like a baseball game, or better yet, just a dinner, might be nice.

    Any other thoughts?

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