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Thread: moving to oklahoma

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    new2ok Guest

    Default moving to oklahoma

    My husband has taken a job offer in oklahoma we are to be moving this summer. His job is on 1121 e memorial rd. Can anyone give me some advice about the high schools and towns that are a 30min drive from the address given. thank you.

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    new2ok Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    some of the towns I am looking at on line are Mustang piedmont yukon. guthrie moore cashion okarche chandler wellston warwick any advice about the high schools please no suger coating the more bad and good will help thank you

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    Hi new2ok, first off, welcome to Oklahoma.

    For the time being, I'd try to stay clear of the OKC Public School District. That's not really hard to do. Most of the decent areas aren't in the city school district, anyhow.

    At the location you're going to be living, you're probably going to want to live in Edmond. All of the schools in Edmond are good really. I think the Edmond School District has probably had more blue ribbon schools than any other school district in the metro area. A lot of where you choose to live will depend on your income. How expensive of a house are you looking for. East Edmond is very very nice, but most of the homes on that side of Edmond are well over 150K. The more affordable homes are on the west side of Edmond. The schools are good regardless. On the west side of Edmond, you'd probably be looking more at Edmond North High School or Edmond Santa Fe. I believe Cimarron Middle School serves much of that. Angie Debo Elementary is over there on the west side of Edmond towards the south. You really can't go wrong with Edmond.

    There are many nice areas north of Memorial Rd. out west as well. All of those areas are either in the Edmond School District or Deer Creek. Again, both are decent.

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    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    new2ok, first off, welcome to Oklahoma! I'd love to help inform you the best I can. Perhaps you can tell us a little bit about what your looking for. Suburban, urban, rural, single-family, multi-family, apartment type living. Price range. What type of amenities do you want to be around. Yukon is the furthermost western suburb of OKC, somewhat a decent size country town feel but close enough to the metro. Mustang is just south of Yukon. It is a little nicer for the most part and a lot of new development is going up there. If your husband is working on Memorial which is far North, NE OKC, it may be quite a drive unless he takes the turnpike each day. 1121 E. Memorial is beginning on the East side of town. Edmond would be a nice suburb if your looking for suburban living although be prepared to pay a higher amount than elsewhere. You might also check out NW OKC, Bethany, Warr Acres, the Village, if your wanting suburban but closer to work. Okarche, Welston, Chandler, Guthrie, Piedmont, etc. are and can be more rural and between 15-30 mins outside the city's edges. Give us more to work with and we can be more specific for you.

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    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    For the time being, I'd try to stay clear of the OKC Public School District. That's not really hard to do. Most of the decent areas aren't in the city school district, anyhow.
    Patrick. I can't believe your not referring OKC Public Schools after all your support of progress in OKC. The MAPS for Kids is totally changing things around. One new high school has just opened with many more on the way. At least 2 more open by next school year. OKC Public Schools have come along way and will continue to do so. Especially with younger couples and professionals moving into the inner city and OKC Public Schools districts. Remember to suggest other parts of the city besides suburban living.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    Whoops...you said E. Memorial Rd. That's actually over on the East side of Edmond. Closer to I-35. A lot of it depends on how close you want to be to work. Obviously, if you want to be close to work, you'll want to live in Edmond, NW OKC, or Guthrie. Guthrie will be a more rural setting, yet it's still a pretty large town.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    metro, have you been inside an OKC Public school recently? We can do all the improvements we want on the buildings....it's going to take years to fix what "crosstown busing" destroyed. Sure, young couples are slowly moving back to the inner city, but it's not going to happen overnight, and it's definitely not now. I volunteer with my church at Taft Middle School, NW Classen High School, Linwood Elementary, Madison Elementary, Grover Cleveleand, and Hawthorne Elementary......I wouldn't send any of my kids there. The buildings are improving somewhat. But, I will admit, the reason why we're their working with the kids, is because the parents aren't. The kids going to school at these schools aren't the same as those going to school in Putnam City or Edmond. OKC is still years behind the subruban districts. Private Schools will be the norm for young professionals in the inner city, for at least another 5 years minimum.
    I will admit though, schools like Classen School of Advanced Studies, and other specialty schools are leading the way. But, it's a slow process.

    I'm just curious.....Midtowner...you out there? Ask you soon to be wife if she'd send her kiddo to one of the inner city OKC Schools. How about Madison Elementary, or Columbus Elementary? or Moon?

    Even the new Douglass High School. Sure, the school is nice and new, but we're putting the saem troubled yongsters back in that building.

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    new2ok Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    moving to oklahoma

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    By the way, I do have to say......I will be looking at the inner city here in a few years for homes, especially if I'm practicing down at the HSC. But, I don't think I'll be sending my kids to Thelma Parks Elementary, Moon Middle School, or Northeast High School...Been there done that.

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    Hi new2Ok. Welcome to the board and to OK!

    I moved here nearly three years ago from California. I did extensive research on school districts and test scores, parental involvent, crime rates, etc etc..

    I chose Edmond and have never regretted it. As a mom of two boys, I can say without a doubt that the schools are very impressive and the faculty works very hard to ensure a postive learning environment.

    Deer Creek is one the top rated schools in the state. It is North West Edmond area. I will say that Edmond is a tad congested - many people with children have moved here because of the schools and the reputation of a quality education.

    In addition to understanding a move from out of state, I am a Realtor here in Edmond/OKC. If you are interested, I would be more than happy to send you some homes from the MLS so you can see what is available in the areas you desire. I can also send you websites on school comparisons. Email me at karrie@churchillbrown.com if you would like to see some properties. I would be happy to help you find a home.
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    new2ok Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    we are looking for a town that has country fell the school/town has no gangs and it has to be updated, and have a lot to offer the kids. we own a travle trailer that we are going to live in rv parks till we find either land to build a home or put a mobile home on. I dont want to live in a houseing devlopment no homeowners association.no more than a 30 min drive from 1121 e memorial rd. and a round 100k. I have lived in the same town for 22 yrs. I went to school in the same town as my kids. It was the country now you are bumping butts when you go shopping.
    looking forward to spending a week in oklahoma next month

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    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    How do you suggest these inner city schools improve if white collar types and others integrate in there. There has to be cooperation at all levels. Yes, there are obstacles but we can help to overcome them. Like you said not all parents get involved, thus it will take more and more families moving into these areas that do care. What about the new John Marshall they are building close to PC North. It's an OKC school in far NW OKC?

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    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    new2ok, with those restrictions, I'd say lower Logan county is your best bet. It's not incorporated so you won't have Homeowners fees and you can have a trailer or RV. It is the area just north of Edmond and south of Guthrie. Also Wellston or Chandler might be a good bet although they are really not a part of the OKC area, they are down the turnpike a good 30-45 mins away from your husbands work. I'm thinking lower Logan county would probably be your best bet based on those criteria.

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    new2ok Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    My 8th grade son is the one I am mostly worried about going to a new school. He is in 8th grade and is taking Pre Ap science and algebra, spanish, honors band. He wants to be in marching band next year and wants to attend band camp in the summer.
    when he transfers Will he lose credit for taking advance classes in 8th grade.

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    I looked up that address and that is Broadway and Memorial where Sam's used to be.

    Another option would be the area directly east of your husband's job. Far east Edmond is very rural, wooded, and hilly. There would be plenty of options as far as land that wouldn't be in an incorporated neighborhood. Besides Edmond there is also Arcadia and Jones. I'm not sure of the quality of their schools, but there would be no gangs or anything. There's plenty of shopping and grocery options within 10-15 minutes of that area, and Lake Arcadia is nearby for recreation.
    Don't Edmond My Downtown

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    I attended Edmond Schools, graduating from Edmond North High School. Edmond schools has advanced classes starting in 7th grade, so he should be able to get credit for the courses. Also, Edmond has the strongest music programs in the metro, including band.
    Don't Edmond My Downtown

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    Jack Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    You'd simply have to talk to a school counselor about transferring credits. Sounds like your kids is in a nice set up now though.

    Shooting for north Edmond might be a good possibility for you. There are lots of un-incorporated areas up there.

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    Metro is right on track.. I think Piedmont or Deer Creek would be a good choice but finding land in Deer Creek is costly.. Your son should be tested when he arrives and he shouldn't lose credit. I can send you some links to Gifted and Talented information ( I think I've posted that info here on the boards) Midtowner can help you on info about honors band ..

    I still think if you can get into Edmond North area you will be happy there.. Waterloo area..
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  19. Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick
    The more affordable homes are on the west side of Edmond. The schools are good regardless. On the west side of Edmond, you'd probably be looking more at Edmond North High School or Edmond Santa Fe. I believe Cimarron Middle School serves much of that.
    Actually, Cimarron Middle School serves Edmond Memorial. You may be thinking of Summit Middle School.
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    new2ok, from what you described as to what you are looking for, I grew up in east Edmond, so I am familiar with that entire country side. First let me suggest that you will have to deal with congestion and heavy construction on the west side of Edmond, and even worse in far north OKC where literally hundreds of homes are being built. There are a few quaint and new subdivisions in far NE Oklahoma City, east of I-35 and just east of Frontier City Theme Park. It's a nice wooded and hilly region, quiet and part of Edmond Public Schools, and it's near Lake Arcadia. There are also a lot of spacious neighborhoods in northern Edmond, specifically along Covell and Coltrane or Coffee Creek. Also, check out Deer Creek. It's west of Edmond AND the congestion, with excellent schools and quick access to the address you listed on East Memorial via the Kilpatrick Turnpike. Yukon will also give you quick and easy access to East Memorial using the Kilpatrick Turnpike, but I know the $2.00 a day round trip average toll can add up, so I believe it's best to stick to the regions north of OKC. A lot of areas in far northeast Edmond are still undeveloped, but many of these stand-alone homes along the county roads are well kept. I don't doubt you'll find something you like out in these areas.

    I wouldn't really suggest Arcadia and Jones. They are nice quiet towns but they are remote. You'll navigate a lot of county roads and four-way stop signs to get to work. If you do choose this side of Edmond, you will be serviced by Edmond Memorial High School (9-12) and Cimarron Middle School (6-8), and I'm not sure exactly what elementary schools if you have kids in school under the 6th grade, and the boundaries have changed since I moved. I would assume Chisolm Elementary School. Now, if you move to the area south of Memorial but between Coltrane and Air Depot, Oakdale School services that area K-8.

    Here is a link to Edmond Public Schools wesbite. http://www.edmond.k12.ok.us/default.htm

    Utilities in Edmond are Edmond Electric, and water, garbage and sewage are all Edmond. Gas is from Oklahoma Natural Gas. Cable is Cox Communications unless you choose satellite. Cable Internet is also Cox, unless you run DSL which would be SBC or a provider of your option.

    In Oklahoma City, electric is provided by OG&E.

    Guthrie is remote, and it is within 30 minutes of work, but Guthrie Public Schools are not a good suggestion.

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    new2ok Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    www.rockwallisd.com This is my home town.22yrs. The pastures that were once full of wildflowers, cows and hay, trees and ponds have turned into homes and buildings, as if overnight. The teachers that have taught me are still here along with alot of new teachers. This move is going to be a NEW lease on life.
    Please give me some of the bad spots to avoid in Oklahoma along with the good. thank you

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    Is this where you live currently?
    Continue the Renaissance!!!

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    new2ok Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    I want to thank everyone for posting. I will keep coming back to this site to write down notes so I will have them when we vist next month. We will be camping for a week in oklahoma so we can look around. I have lived in Texas most of my life. I came here as an infant and my husband and teens are beed and born Texans.
    Moving to Oklahoma is very scary. My 14 & 16yr old have been in the same I.S.D since they started school.
    If anyone can give more info on schools other than Edmond that would be helpful

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    Oki_Man5 Guest

    Default Re: moving to oklahoma

    New2OK, from what you said a few posts back, I want to say I live rural out in Pott County...far east and south of the address you gave...too far to drive there too daily. About the house you desire, I applaud you, but I want to just advise you to thoroughly check into whether the land you might buy is inside any city limits or not.

    School districts run far away from most town's/city's limits, so when selecting a property, ask what school district the land is in, and ask if it is in any town's/city's limits (This is based on what you said about your housing desires, now, so no flames about this, please.

    All these little towns (and the big cities) are enacting ordinances that ban manufactured homes whether it be double or single wide. Some have left it ok to put a New Double Wide if it is zoned A1 and it has five acres---that is not to say 4.5 acres will fill the bill---five acres; I say this because so many developers break their tracts in 4.5 acres more or less when they are making tracts that large. And watch out for the seller restrictions too.

    I moved east of the city back during the era of bussing...moved east so the sun would be at my back going and coming. I am sure it is the same everywhere, but that sun can be blinding early morning and late evening as one is driving.

    Far as schools go, I am not educated in which is the best, but for your commute, many times I have heard that Harrah Schools are good, but I have zero first-hand info on it.

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    moved east so the sun would be at my back going and coming.
    Now that's genious. I'll keep that in mind.
    Continue the Renaissance!!!

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