Okay, check out downtownguy's blog..he had a great review on the new theater:
"For those of you who have yet to visit Bricktownís newest attraction, the Harkins 16 cinema, I can report this:

1) Parking was no problem on Saturday afternoon. There was plenty of free parking to be found near the theater, though it was drawing a nice crowd.
2) The Centennial Fountain is becoming the cityís newest picture spot in ways I hadnít imaged. The brick towers seem to be a popular place for people to pose in with the fountain the background.
3) Whereís the music? Didnít hear the music thatís supposed to make the fountain dance.
4) The theater itself is far better than AMC Quail Springs or Tinsletown. You donít have to travel through a mall and then a maze or corridors to get to your movie. And itís simply cleaner and nicer than Tinsletown, the cityís oldest stadium seating theater.
5) The snack bar selection is incredible Ė far more offerings than the competitors.
6) The seats are far more comfortable than the competitors.
7) For all you Art Deco fans out there, donít miss Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Itís an incredible science-fiction adventure that can only be totally appreciated on the big screen.

The Downtown Guy