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Thread: Best BBQ in OKC

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    Default Best BBQ in OKC

    My favorite BBQ is Van's Pig Stand in Norman, but I work in OKC. I have tried several BBQ places in OKC for lunch, but I haven't found a place as good as Van's. I know there has to be some great BBQ here, so someone please enlighten me.

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    I love Iron Starr on Shartel and 36th...ate there last night...LOVE it.

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    They now have a Van's Pig Stand in Moore off of I-35, on 4th street. We are also getting a Dale's BBQ soon 'round 12th and Broadway also in Moore.

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    Default Re: Best BBQ in OKC

    Iron Starr is great. However, it seems to me more like a nice, up-scale restaurant than a dirty south BBQ pit. I'm trying to find a place that is a "hole-in-the-wall" OKC staple.

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    Van's is good and so is Iron Starr on an upscale level. If you want "dirty hole in the wall" BBQ try Jacks BBQ on 39th just east of Meridian. It doesn't get any better than that, much better than Van's in my opinion. It's been a staple for no telling how many years. It's a route 66 icon.

    Also Swadley's on NW 39th and Rockwell is excellent. It's not hole in the wall anymore but its not upscale fancy. It's just darn good. Real good.

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    Default Re: Best BBQ in OKC

    I think Jack's BBQ has been closed for quite a while.

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    Default Re: Best BBQ in OKC

    are you serious?? I was wondering, I've heard rumors but then have seen cars there and lights. I'll have to go investigate, man I loved that place. So I take it you ate there before? If so what did you think compared to Van's?

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    The "Big Mike" sandwich was probably the best BBQ value anywhere. A full pound of your choice of two meats on Texas Toast and one of their sides for five bucks! Yeah, Jack's was my favorite in OKC. I think the cars in the parking lot are actually for the bar right behind Jack's. I just called their number again to make sure and it is still disconnected.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Best BBQ in OKC

    Oklahoma Station BBQ.

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    Jack Guest

    Default Re: Best BBQ in OKC

    Quote Originally Posted by BFizzy
    I think Jack's BBQ has been closed for quite a while.
    I really miss Jack's BBQ.

    After that restaurant, I'd have to say Leo's at 36th and Kelley beats them all.

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    Leo's is really good. Their strawberry cake is unbelievable. LJ's Rib House is another good spot. They might have the best brisket.

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    Default Re: Best BBQ in OKC

    Anyone remember a place called Big Boss BBQ over by the Capital and OU Health Science centers? They had the best BBQ. They served fried pickles,Broccoli rice casserole and squash casserole. I just remember they had like 10 vegetable sides that were awsome. It just disappeared one day and another BBQ took it's place. Anyone know what happened? I think they were there for 2 yrs or so.

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