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Thread: Downtown Living?

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    I'm looking for a client who would like to live downtown in the next few months.. since most newer developments won't be completed until Fall/Winter what would you suggest ?

    I've given her info on the Hill & Montgomery- She is a middle age, single professional with a sheepdog..

    She wants at least 2000sf and wants to buy not lease... any ideas??
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Default Re: Downtown Living?

    In the next few months?

    Block 42 is also something to let her know about. The Montgumery as far as I know only leases, and the Hill isn't even close to being built yet.

    Karried, you might try to get one of those elusive TIF grants so you can get the fine people of the city of OKC to pay for part of your very own developement

    Oh, I think you have to be on OCURA, pay someone off, or be owed favors

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    Thanks Midtowner... I'm running into not having a lot available to choose from!

    I often think of what some of us could do if we all seriously got together and invested in OKC - we'd be so wealthy .... ~ sigh ~ so much potential, so little money
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Try Harvey Avenue lofts. Supposed to be open by March. In Midtown area.

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    Urban Pioneer Guest

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    Hi. I have seen most of the floor plans and renderings for the developments planned/or about to be under construction. It appears that The Villa Condo's at 4th and Central (South East Corner in Deep Deuce) will be started and completed first. They apparently range from $160,000 to $240,000. I believe that there will be some available with around 2000 sqf. The designs are cool. They are European inspired. Very sleek/but not trendy modern housing. Block 42 is right after that. It is a nice design. It reminds me of a resort. If they put a large pool in the U-Shaped area, they would look like a classy Hilton Resort in California. Block 42 has a ofice on Broadway--- and I think 7th. They have animations projected onto a large screen on the front glass facing the street. The Villas are being done by Tap Arch. They will have an office on the first floor of their studio in the next few weeks. They are also on Braodway at 5th street. The other development that will comming along is Stonegate Hogan's residential building next to the centennial fountain plaza in Bricktown. The design is beautiful and will probably be the most happening place to live. They have a pool on the roof with roof-top terrace. I don't appreciate the "sea of parking" planned behind it though. I hope that the City kicks in their landscaping ordinance to the hilt and make Hogan plant some actual trees. I personally would not enjoy living next to the theatre. However, it is a cool development with shops and the proverbial Starbucks on the ground floor. Tap is also planning Brownstones for the future along third in the "Flatiron" district." Hope this helps!

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    Patrick Guest

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    Might have her look into the Classen. It's not far from downtown. And the views are breathtaking.

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    I would prefer underground parking for Stonegate in Bricktown but the one good thing about surface parking is that it can be easily transformed into new buildings. I say give Lower Bricktown a few more years and more projects like Stonegate, hopefully with underground parking though, will start eating up those parking lots around there. There are still plenty of upper floors in the warehouse along Sheridan and Oklahoma avenues that could be turned into lofts in the future.

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    If your wanting to buy now or the next couple of months, try the Harvey Ave. Lofts or The Classen. Everything else is lease right now unless your willing to wait until the latter part of this year. Then there will be a variety of choices with even more on the way!

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    Guys, thanks for all of your help! It is greatly appreciated.
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