Until taking some new downtown/bricktown pics on 1/2/06, I'd not really known where the Land Run Monument/Sculptures were located ... nor had I seen the progress, obviously.

Generally, they are just a bit north of the southern terminus of the canal, south of present I-40, and south of the area where the area where the Residence Inn is currently being constructed. To get there, from Reno turn south on Geary (I think ... the road immediately west of Outdoor World) and drive south and you can't miss it. It is WELL WORTH the short trip! The few sculptures that are done are VERY impressive. Here are a few pics.

This view looks south toward the Oklahoma River ... you can see the Chesapeake Boathouse in the background (center-left).

The next 2 pics (actually, it's the same pic, but cropped and not reduced in size so much in the 2nd) look northwest from one of the existing sculptures and help to see where this place is generally located, as well as the detail of these fine works of art. I've "doctored" this image by wiping out a billboard on I-40 that marred the view ... it was along the horse's neck and mouth. Too bad that's not as easily done IN REAL LIFE! I surely hope when the new thoroughfare replaces I-40 that billboards will be prohibted. The south side of the Harkins is visible above the grassline at the left.