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Thread: Gmail -- want it?

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    Default Gmail -- want it?

    Send me a private message if you want gmail. If you don't know what that is, it's like hotmail or yahoo but gives you 1000 megs of storage for free. I only have 5 invites left, so it's first come, first serve.

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    What is "Gmail?"

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    Patrick Guest

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    It's basically a service like yahoo mail or whatever, but offers tons of storage for free. If I needed the storage I'd take it, but it would probably just encourage me to keep my inbox a mess all the time.

    Anyways, if you guys need more storage you might take Midtowner up on the offer. It's actually a pretty good deal. Thanks Midtowner for offering the invites.

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    Actually, Patrick, it has a nifty "archive" function. I never delete emails. I just archive them. If I want to dig out an old email, it's very simple. Say I sent something to the fraternity board of advisors I'm on about a house contract. Gmail uses the google search engine to search all of my emails, so I just type in "contract" on the search bar and get everything I've emailed having to do with that.

    It's FAR more organized than my old hotmail account where I kept a "Don't delete" folder.

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