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Thread: Craig Humphries Retiring from WWLS

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    Default Craig Humphries Retiring from WWLS

    It was announced this morning that Craig Humphries will be retiring from WWLS The Sports Animal. He will still be on the air until the Christmas Holiday.

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    Default Re: Craig Humphries Retiring from WWLS

    Full retirement sounds wild in the radio business.

    I almost find it hard to believe. Why not sign in for an hour every day like Pat Jones does to cash some checks?

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    I've been listening all morning. He spent the first hour reminiscing about the journey of his and others through 1340, then The Animal. I thought that a bit odd since it was all covered a few weeks ago during the station's anniversary. Then he announced that he is retiring as of Dec 21st.
    His wife "The Beautiful Bev" has cancer and is struggling. He feels it's time to do things together with her while they can and be there for her when that time comes.
    He is going to annually cover the Masters from Augusta as long as The Animal is invited since it's more him that has the invite.

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    Default Re: Craig Humphries Retiring from WWLS

    I also caught a good bit of that this morning as well, and thought it was pretty good to hear the history as I didn’t catch it during the anniversary show. Suspect you are right about his need to be with his wife during her fight with cancer. I’ve always enjoyed Craig. Visited with him at a Thunder game one night and seemed like a very nice guy.

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    At 2 when Traber came on he and Sam Humphries were talking about Sam's mom/Craig's wife. I never thought I could say anything from Traber was touching but both of them were crying on the air and it really was touching.

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