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Thread: OKC to Vegas Mid July

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    Default OKC to Vegas Mid July

    Planning a trip to Vegas and would actually like to drive out there. Leave Sat arrive Sun leave Thursday Home Friday. However I'm a little worried about the Heat in Mid July. I'm sure morning driving would be best? Any hard parts of the drive? Mountains or pretty flat? I assume about 17 hours so thinking 10 one day and 7 the next? Any good places to stop.

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    Be sure to stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona.... And such a fine site to see.... Pretty good ice cream shop there too which will be nice in July.

    Also recommend Flagstaff.

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    I just made this exact drive in October, as I'm considering moving to Las Vegas.

    I-40 between here and Albuquerque is basically flat. Like, flatter than OKC flat, especially in the Texas panhandle. There is a short mountainous section through the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque, that I would consider the most challenging part of the trip, although my understanding is it's not anywhere near as bad as what you'd experience on I-70 in Colorado. Unfortunately, it's just so situated so that you'll probably hit it after dark if you leave from OKC in the morning. Consider staying the night in Moriarty, rather than pressing on to ABQ, so you can deal with it in the daylight.

    There are some grades and curves between Albuquerque and Gallup, crossing the Continental Divide, but they're fairly gentle. We ran into some slick conditions here that caused a pretty big traffic snarl, but I wouldn't expect that to be an issue in July.

    The next mountainous section is between Seligman and Kingman in western Arizona. Again, nothing too hard to deal with so long as you pay attention. Going eastbound the pavement is in pretty bad shape, though. The friend I was driving with was concerned about her suspension.

    I-11 between the Colorado River and Henderson, Nevada is somewhat winding and mountainous, but it's less than ten years old and to modern design standards, so you should have no problems at all. The only hazard here is that it makes a hell of a first impression for the state of Nevada, and I fell in love with it pretty much instantly. Because of the aforementioned traffic snarl, we passed through here at about sunset, and it was gorgeous.

    The entire route between OKC and Kingman follows that of Old US-66. If you feel adventurous, consider reviewing Route 66 literature for ideas about places to stop and things to see along the route.

    Good luck in Las Vegas!

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    We did this is 4 roughly 4 hour increments (have to give yourself a break). OKC to Amarillo, Amarillo to ABQ, ABQ to Flagstaff, then Flagstaff to Vegas. It isn't an awful drive, but it is long, and hard to make up a ton of time. But give yourself breaks (we had 4 people drive).

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    Thanks everyone. I drive once a year to see my mom in SW Michigan which is 13 1/2 hours Vegas is 16 1/2. according to maps. I usually break up the trip to 9 hour and 4 1/2 to see my mom. Thinking 10 hours and 6 hours to Vegas Might do 9 and 7 1/2. Just depends or where the hotels are I guess.

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    Default Re: OKC to Vegas Mid July

    Flagstaff is a beautiful city. If the hotels work out with your timing.

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    Default Re: OKC to Vegas Mid July

    Every long trip I've taken (over 500 miles) I typically average 60 miles down the road each hour. Even if the speed limit is 70-75, by the time you stop for gas, bathroom breaks, eating. traffic in cities. I usually let google map figure the miles and divide that by 60 for how long it will take to get there by car. It seems to be more accurate than what google map says the total time is.

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    For what it's worth, the only city along the route between OKC and Las Vegas large enough to cause potential traffic issues is Albuquerque.

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    Something that is painful is the fact that the semi trucks are plenty. On some of those huge hills in New Mexico, one will decide to try to pass and they hold up traffic like crazy. A real pain in the ass.

    If you can take a couple hours off course, go South from Flagstaff to Sedona down Oak Creek Canyon road. Stunning and spectacular. Switchbacks deluxe.

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