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Thread: What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

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    Default What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

    What ever happened with this? I haven't seen the thread around for awhile, what's ever going to happen with this? I really would like to see this happen. I for one, would love to help out, but i truly do believe that it should be kept to those who have made a name for themselves, something where out of state visitors would be like wow, I never knew that person was from OK. This has to be something to attract visistors as well. I belive the actual state of the shape would be pretty neat. What better place than to put this in bricktown. I believe on the state shape there should be the name, city in OK where from or OK origin for which he/she would be recognized for. Why not do the hand print thing here too, would be kind of neat to walk up and be able to put your hands where some of people's idols have before, right? Here are just a few to start off the list. Here are just a few of those who I think should be able to easily make the list.

    Garth Brooks - Yukon
    Toby Keith - Moore
    Reba McEntire - Chockie
    Vince Gill - Norman
    Paul Harvey - Tulsa
    Phillip McGraw "Dr Phil" - OKC
    Shannon Miller - Edmond
    Brad Pitt - Shawnee
    Carrie Underwood - Checotah
    JC Watts - Sooner QB
    Bob Stoops - Sooner Coach (either now or upon leaving the position or retiring)
    Eddie Sutton - Cowboy Coach (either now or upon retiring from position)

    Like I said these are just a few I could think of right off hand, I could go days and days naming stars off football teams here, but it has to be someone who has actually done something outside of college ball, not just in the state of OK. Barry Sanders -- of course add him, Thurman Thomas....see its so easy.

    Anyone want to add to my ideas, I would love to help organize this if this is something that is a true desire for anyone. Great idea, we just need to get space donated and a way to pay for the stones, also form a committee to set up the rules and stipulations as to who gets in, how many a year, how it will be introduced and so on and so forth. Would be a great thing to be involved with.

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    I would still like to develop this idea and present it. It seems every time we get sidetracked.

    I had a list of people willing to help, and need one again. Meeting could be easier now since I have a large house. I would want to meet at an IHOP for the first couple of times, however.

    So. If you would like to help, please reply with your talent. We also need someone who has the contacts to present this, and someone with presentation skills.

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    Default Re: What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

    As goes for talent, I just have a drive to do things. Not really artistic or have any contacts, unfortunately. Being in the military limits me on things that I can do. I would very much like to be involved some how.

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    Default Re: What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

    I have contacts and presentation skills, you guys get some stuff drafted up and some renderings and preliminary proposals and I'll see what I can do from there if you want.

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    Here are two pictures of a 3-D model I did about a year ago. I was just bored in class and piddled around with it. I personally don't really even like this design that much but I figured it is better than nothing. I think maybe just a bronze Oklahoma placed in the middle of a square of sidewalk would be nice. I dunno. But count me in on this project. As far as talent I don't really know what to put. I represent the Edmond youth on the Edmond Convention
    and Tourism Board if that says anything. I am a dedicated worker and motivated towards establishing anything that can improve quality of life and tourism in the metro area.

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    Default Re: What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

    The Immortal, that is a good starting point, if we are going to this, we have to do it first class before we even present it. I like the concept you are working with, perhaps if the star is a little bit bigger but I like the Oklahoma in the middle of it

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    I also like the starting point.

    What I want to do is get started. Anyone interested in meeting, please PM me and I will start a roster. We will meet at an IHOP in the beginning for a get to know you suimmit, then we can meet at my house from then on. The house is large so I can accomodate a lot of people.

    The quicker, the better.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

    Yeah, make the state a little smaller and let's see what it looks like. The state is covering up most of the star, so it's difficult to see the star.

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    Default Re: What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

    Once you guys get some preliminary stuff going, I'll jump on board if you want me to

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    yeah i dont have access to the program anymore unfortunatly. but maybe I can wrok something out with my old instructors. As i said i was piddling around when I made it so I realize it isn't perfect, but I will see wha ti can get drawn up.

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    Default Re: What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

    I would like to attend, but won't be able to until March/April time frame. I can give inputs on any needed opinions until then. I didn't get to see the design, I am wondering if my dang work computer won't allow it to display. From what it sounds like, it looks good.

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    Default Re: What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

    One other thing, what does everyone think about who should get these? Just my two cents: I think, like I said earlier that it should be someone who has a rep, big rep. Superstar or well known figure from the state. How about somone who has come to OK to attend a college and made a name for themselves? What if we get a NBA team for good and a superstar like Mike, Allen Iverson come around, what then? Just want to know how others feel. I think the big names will draw some major attention to this project and get some great media and make it something to actually draw tourists in for. What's yalls opinions?

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    I think we should start with true okies first then branch out if necessary. But I just don't know how I feel about it. If we get our own NBA team and maybe either and Oklahoman makes a name for himself on the team or if some one on the team starts at the bottom and becomes a star, then possibly. But I think it shouldn't be all cluttered up with unecessary people who only have partial links to the state. But thats just me.

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    Default Re: What happened to OK's Walk of Fame idea?

    Its hard to say, like when people think of chicago bulls; most people would think Mike. He ain't from Illinois though.

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    It's hard to say because you have people that weren't born here that are much more associated with the state and people who were born here who really don't hardly even claim us (like Ron Howard, Blake Edwards, Brad Pitt). So I really don't know what the requirements should be.
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