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Thread: New movie being filmed in town?

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    I was going to post that they appear to have wrapped at Hales because the craft service tent and other accoutrements have disappeared from there.
    I first saw them at this location on Saturday, trailers, vehicles and people. The many vehicles and trailers were still there Sunday morning, no people visible. I haven't been back by since, they could still be there. That's a huge house. There's probably plenty of opportunity to make believe different locations at the same site, except the decor inside is all similarly special shall we say.

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    Yesterday morning they were back, filming an outdoor scene in the back yard where the tent had been previously. I haven't seen any sign of activity today.

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    Yes, this has been in production for months. At one point they were set up in the Hales Mansion in Heritage Hills, among other places. That said, there are other productions currently in town, including the new Paramount production with Sylvester Stallone, from the creator of Yellowstone. The other day I happened across the lot they are staging from and it's probably the largest amount of production vehicles, rentals, craft services and other associated equipment I have ever seen in OKC.

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