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Thread: Regent Center @ Fox Lake

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    Edmond Regent Center @ Fox Lake

    Multi-story project in Edmond to bring new restaurants and bar

    A new multi-story building along I-35 between 15th and 2nd in Edmond has broken ground and will host new locations for Sidecar Wine and Barley Lounge, Hatch Early Mood Food and Chicken Foot.

    Press release:


    Ashton Gray Celebrates the Groundbreaking of Mixed-use Facility in Edmond, Oklahoma
    Leading Oklahoma-based real estate developer commemorates the culmination of 6 years of planning and preparation.

    Edmond, OK: Ashton Gray, a full-service provider in construction and real estate industries based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is celebrating the groundbreaking of the Regent Center @ Fox Lake North.

    The 3-story, 40,000 square foot facility will be located at 851 W. I35 Frontage Road, Edmond, OK, and will make its mark as one of the largest non-medical buildings in Edmond. The building will be the new headquarters of Enhanced Dental, the corporate office of Provision Concepts, and the permanent Edmond home of its namesake, Regent Bank. The facility will also feature Provision Concepts’ Restaurants Hatch, Sidecar, and Chicken Foot, all brand-new to Edmond.

    Ashton Gray and project partner Tapp Development have been planning the Regent Center for 6 years and left no stone of preparation unturned, including attending Storm Water Advisory Board meetings, City Council meetings, meetings with the Fox Lake Homeowners Association, and countless hours of work from their design teams.

    A work of collaboration, Jim Tapp of Tapp Ashton Gray, has kind words for the integral contributors, “I would like to thank Deborah Reisweber and Matt Thomas, who represented the Homeowners of Fox Lake very well. Additionally, I would like to thank all of the City staff, council, and Mayor Davis. Thank you Steve Commons for your work on this project. This truly can be a great example project for what can happen, when differing sides come together and find middle ground."

    About Ashton Gray
    Ashton Gray Real Estate is an industry-leading development firm with a mission to deliver rock-solid investments and inspire our tenants to share in long-term, real estate wealth.

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    Looks good! And kind of near UCO, so the bars and brunch places will do well!

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    There’s a little pond there. It isn’t much but I wish more developments would interact with these things more. Always happy to have more options here.

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    Nice project, and visible from I-35.

    Shouldn't this be under the Edmond development tab?

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    This area has way outgrown the service road.

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    Yes, nice development, but there were some really beautiful TALL mature trees in there that should have been considered in the plans. I really wish developers would take a longer look at how existing mature trees can enhance new projects because they can really take a nice new development like this one and take it to a whole other level of aesthetics by incorporating the natural beauty a lot already has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous. View Post
    This area has way outgrown the service road.
    I’m sure you’re already aware but service roads will soon be converted to one way and slightly reconfigured at ramps.

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    It seems like this should be under the Edmond section I had a hard time finding this thread anyways here’s an update:

    Something new is underway at I-35 Frontage Road, just south of 2nd Street — and no — it’s not another hospital. The three-story, multi-use facility will house Regent Bank and Enhanced dental, along with Hatch Early Mood Food, Chicken Foot, and Sidecar Barley and Wine Bar, complete with a rooftop feature. Set to open in late 2022, visitors are invited to experience what’s being called an “upscale, urban oasis.”

    The new experiences Edmondites can expect from The Regent Center at Fox Lake North are years in the making — the collaborative product of careful planning, countless meetings, and cutting-edge design. Led by Tapp Development and Ashton Gray, the $20 million, 40 thousand square foot development is one of the single largest retail investments in the city.

    “This project had an almost six-year approval process,” said Jim Tapp, Tapp Development President, “Since the land is located in a floodplain, it required extensive flood studies and support from the City of Edmond, its Stormwater Advisory Board, and the homeowners of Fox Lake to ensure we followed the procedures and protected the preferences of all involved.”

    Though plans for additional hotels and hospitality were discussed for the area, Tapp says his team, local residents, and city leaders are ultimately pleased with the product of what they call a “group effort”. With an eye-catching design that will be visible from I-35, Tapp predicts The Regent Center will become a showpiece for the Edmond corridor.

    As the real-estate and development side of this project fell into place, its success was still largely dependent upon support from the homeowners of Fox Lake. Careful to curate their neighborhood and surroundings, the Fox Lake HOA has been an integral part of decision-making in the rapidly developing area.

    Edmond residents can thank these collaborative efforts as they enjoy an expanded culinary catalog, closer to home. Together, the three restaurants will offer robust options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks, offering service a combined 20 hours of the day.

    “Not only are we excited to bring three wildly different restaurant concepts to The Regent Center,” said James Takahata, Provisions Concepts area director, “but we will be headquartered there as well.”

    For those looking to plan ahead for business meetings, brunch dates, or date nights, here’s what to expect:

    Hatch Early Mood Food
    A popular pick for brunch-lovers, this scratch-style menu offers traditional breakfast favorites with modern twists, along with coffee, cocktails – and “Coffee Cocktails” – in an upscale, urban environment.
    Chicken Foot
    Open for lunch and dinner, Chicken Foot’s catchphrase says it all: buns, bones, and beer. Get comfortable in their casual atmosphere, offering options for all tastes and spice tolerances. Diners can choose from counter service or a full-service bar.
    Sidecar Barley and Wine Bar
    Take in rooftop views of Edmond as you sip Sidecar’s signature selection of craft cocktails, with by-the-bottle options unique to each location. Expect live music on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from early spring to the late fall.
    While fresh ingredients and quality cuisine are standard for Provision Concepts’ restaurants, Takahata says Provision Concepts prioritizes the overall guest experience, aiming to provide excellent service in a high-energy environme
    - https://www.edmondoutlook.com/coming...29080484298518

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    Chicago Title Edmond will also be moving here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plutonic Panda View Post
    I’m sure you’re already aware but service roads will soon be converted to one way and slightly reconfigured at ramps.
    Waaaay overdue! Glad it's finally happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mugofbeer View Post
    Waaaay overdue! Glad it's finally happening.
    Unfortunately it won’t be until another few years unless ODOT can come up with the funding quicker. It’s currently slated to begin in 2025.

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