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Thread: Razzle Club

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    Auto Alley Razzle Club

    The building at 111 NW 8th -- formerly known as the Razzle Club -- is getting a complete renovation.

    This is directly west of Hideaway Pizza. Was told they do not have any tenants lined up as of yet.

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    Renovation? Heck, it looks like the roof trusses almost completely rotted away. Nothing to save there except the outside brick. I wonder if they are actually saving much doing this vs. a complete new build? Especially odd seeing as they are just going to paint the brick anyway, lol!

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    The metal building just to the west that shares the same parking lot is also being renovated:

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    ^^^^ nice! I wish more buildings would make use a climbing vines and flora on the walls.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Fence is down. They're still working landscaping but the building seems done.

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