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Thread: Why is it controversial to call Oklahoma part of the South?

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    Default Re: Why is it controversial to call Oklahoma part of the South?

    Quote Originally Posted by Plutonic Panda View Post
    Texas and Oklahoma really could be their own thing, IMO.
    If it were not for Tulsa and the tribes, I would probably be all in on a Texoma region. Even with Tulsa it still makes a ton of sense. Especially when it comes to Southwest vs. South, Texas has the same distinctions we do. The oil connection makes it very obvious and is one of the reasons we 100% cannot be called the South.

    Between Texas and Oklahoma, you have 10% of the entire US population.

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    Default Re: Why is it controversial to call Oklahoma part of the South?

    Here's some related click-bait. I really think map 25 which serves to identify whether it's called soda/pop/coke is indicative of why this conversation as is always so hard. OK is basically aligned with all/none of those. And, in a lot of ways, language is one of the greatest identifiers as to what region you are truly from (recall the scene from Inglorious Bastards where it gets real because of where the American says his German accent is from). There are a few others in here that kind of show why we don't belong with one place or another as well.


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