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Thread: Mickey's Hot dogs/coneys...help??!!

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    Default Mickey's Hot dogs/coneys...help??!!

    Hey All!!!

    I know this is a loooooooooooooong shot but it's been buggin' me for quite some time and here is where I'll ask. Again....this might get a correct answer or I may just chalk it up to a past memory.

    1. My dad was an OKC police office and retired in 1978. I remember as a small child...4yrs old to 7yrs old/1967-1970, him talking about a man he knew named Mickey.

    2. I believe Mickey was an OKC police officer or in some sort of Oklahoma law enforcement. **As the story goes: One day Mickey was chasing a criminal and shot said criminal. It did not kill the criminal but it scared Mickey enough to resign from the law enforcement profession.

    3. Mickey either owned/operated a hot dog/coney island store in OKC after leaving law enforcement.

    4. I remember my dad taking me to Mickey's for a hot dog...here's where it gets cloudy for me...I thought the hot dog place was either in Packing Town/Stockyards or Capitol Hill area.
    For all I know...being that young...4-7yrs old...it could have been anywhere in OKC.

    5. It would have been open before or around the early 1960's and I don't remember hearing ANYTHING about Mickey after being 7yrs old or past 1970. So I don't know if his shop closed up, he passed away, or sold it after the very early 1970's.

    6. I believe...had in my childhood mind...it was called...Mickey's.....Mickey's hot dogs/coneys.

    As stated before.....it's a looooooong shot but if anyone would know or find the answer...it would be the OKC TALK crew.


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    Little snooping on google and found his obit. https://obits.oklahoman.com/obituari...0335&fhid=4441

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    Default Re: Mickey's Hot dogs/coneys...help??!!

    Awesome!!!!! Thanks Jeepnokc!!!!!

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