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Thread: UPS Customer (Service)?

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    Today I was watching for a part that was sent UPS. UPS sent an email at 3:38 that the delivery had been attempted but the business was closed. Nope, lots of pretty still at work. Some would be there until almost midnight. So I called UPS and was told the business was closed. I explained that no we weren't so the delivery must have gone to the wrong place. BTW, we have regular couple times a day deliveries and pick-ups so the route drivers know us and vice-versa. I took the customer service rep all of this and asked them to make sure it's sent to the right place tomorrow. I was told they can't do anything about the problem as long as the delivery address they have is correct and it was. There's really very little real customer SERVICE anymore.

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    Might have been a driver in a hurry or something. Pretty sure the drivers have a MAR (minimum acceptable rate) like we did as loaders, unloaders, and sorters when I worked there in college (for example as a sorter I had to handle 660 packages an hour, they would routinely check). Not that that justifies anything. We had a situation at work last year where the UPS guy left something at the door and signed for it even. He's our normal guy, so he knows the names of the folks at the loading dock, actually used one of their names in signing for it. Unfortunately for him, he didn't realize that guy wasn't even in that day.

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    Similar problem. Had UPS overnight a part, business"was closed" but it was a hotel (?). Told to go to the depot and pick it up after 7PM once the trucks come back. Guy drives out there and they close at 5PM. They sent the part back to the vendor the next day.

    Also had problem with DHL not calling me for international shipping clearance until it's too late to process and was sent back to Europe THREE times.

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    All of the big network parcel carriers really don't have any customer service for the general public. Unless you are a big account they really won't help you.

    It's funny how sometimes they go out of their way to add to the misery. I needed a part ASAP last month (I needed it in Portland, where I was flying to to pick up a motorcycle), so I paid the seller for expedited 2-day shipping. They shipped it the next day, which was a Friday. So it went through the FedEx system and arrived in Portland on Saturday morning. This was labor day weekend, so next business day was Tuesday. The tracking showed it was at a Fedex facility all weekend, I thought "Great, they should deliver it a day early" (As Wednesday was promised for 2-Day since they go off of business days). Tuesday rolls around, and the tracking is updated to say "Holding at destination facility for service time". Meaning they wouldn't deliver it early. So it sat a complete extra day just to keep their "commitment". Whenever a package is late, they sure as heck won't do anything to speed it up or find it, but if it's early they will trip over themselves to make sure it doesn't get there early.

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    A carrier I impressed with lately is OnTrac. A motorcycle parts retailer I use defaults to them for their free ground delivery option, and my most recent package was ordered at 2PM last Wesdnesday, on an OnTrac truck by 5PM, and on my doorstep by noon the next day. Albeit, they are just one state away. But I have had many packages delivered by them and a few times I thought their tracking page was giving me a fake delivery date, and based on the scans it looks like they moved heaven and hell to deliver my package on time. Based on my history watching their scans on packages I am expecting, they have a linehaul from Denver to Co Springs that leaves at about 10am. I have had a package arrive late in Denver around 4 or 5pm, and an OnTrac van came by at 10PM and delivered it. I don't know what their cutoff is for getting late packages delivered on the promised date, but I have never seen Fedex or UPS show any commitment to their promised delivery dates.

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    It got here this morning. So they did have the right address. Also, we get at least two UPS and Fedex trucks a day so it's not like we're a rare stop.

    catch22, you're bringing back memories of lots of motorcycle parts, mostly shiny, that used to come by shippers. When in sentimental moods I really miss riding.

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    Wow, thanks for sharing. No other words!

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