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Thread: OKC Firefighters lose lawsuit

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    Keith Guest

    Default OKC Firefighters lose lawsuit

    Well, it looks like the federal court just saved the City millions of dollars in back pay and current pay for firefighters. This lawsuit has been in litigation for a while, and many firefighters were named as plaintiffs.

    All firefighters know that when they are hired on, that they will be working 24 hr. shifts. They were told that when they applied for the position. To me, it's just another way to get more money from the City, except this time, they lost.

    City firefighters lose lawsuit

    Oklahoma City has won a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by firefighters.

    The firefighters said they are owed millions in overtime pay because they're hourly workers.

    The city argued that firefighters are salaried employees and not due the extra pay.

    A federal jury agreed with the city in a verdict returned this morning

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    Believe me, I have a VERY high respect for our firefighters. We have one of the best fire departments in the nation. There have only been three die in the line of duty in my lifetime. THAT is remarkable.

    However. The jury was correct. Even the discription of the position says, what? $32,000 per YEAR? That is NOT hourly. Hourly would be, say "firefighter I. Starting pay $15.00 per hour."

    Even with the new overtime policy the feds enacted, firefighters are excempt from overtime.

    Since the firefighters association paid for Jerry Foshee's campaigns, that says something about Mr. Ward five and the association...

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