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    Large Chain Chicken Salad Chick

    The location at Nichols Hills Plaza opened today and there is a line out the door.

    Hours are M-SA 10:30 to 8.

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    Wow. Never heard of the place. All these people in line for chicken salad. Who would have thought? Amazing. Food looks good though.
    Here are some shortcuts for those like me who have never heard of them.



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    They have been open for a while in Edmond and soon will be in Chisholm Creek as well.

    They have a great reputation and a good following.

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    They will do great things at this location. This area is a great food area and getting better. Lots of great local, and a good select list of chains like Hopdoddy, Torchy's, Zoe's, Chicken Salad Chick and soon to be Flower Child.

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    I believe they do a promo where the first 100 customers get free chicken salad for a year. which would explain the line.

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    From their FB page:

    Grand Opening Week Giveaways:
    3/10: GRAND OPENING DAY! FREE Chicken Salad for a YEAR to our 1st 100 Guests! Be one of the first 100 Guests to join us on Opening Day and you’ll receive FREE Chicken Salad for an entire YEAR!
    Our 1st guest will receive 1 free Large Quick Chick per week for 52 weeks.
    All guests 2-100 will receive 1 Free Large Quick Chick per month for 12 months!*
    Not able to join us for our Morning 1st 100 Giveaway? Join us ALL DAY to enter our drawing for Free Chicken Salad for a Year! Purchase any Chick Special to enter & we will draw 10 lucky winners at the end of the day!
    *Must be 16 Years or Older, purchase the Chick Special, not valid in drive-thru.
    *Must download CSC App
    *Redemption starts 3/16

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    I sampled a few of their chicken salad variations at the block party on chisholm creek this past weekend. I enjoyed all of them and look forward to it when it opens at chisholm.

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