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Thread: Covid-19 in OKC (coronavirus)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Robertson View Post
    I hope they last a long time. I wonder what made those antibodies last so long. So many studies of COVID-19 show natural antibodies lasting 3, 4, 5 months. And both times I had antibodies 4 months was right on the nose.
    From my understanding (which could be wrong) I believe the body naturally fights COVID a different way, where the vaccines instruct the body to target the Achilles heel of the virus, by attacking its reproduction protein. Basically, the body goes for the whole virus, while the vaccine teaches the body to just give it a swift kick in the groin and strip it of its way to replicate itself.

    It makes sense that the body's natural immunity would be different than the vaccine. Amazing technology with the mRNA approach.

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    252 new cases today (last 3 Wednesdays: 249, 238, 406); 7-day rolling average 232.

    No new reported deaths.

    Hospitalizations are 170 (-18).

    ICU is unchanged at 51.

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    I know that data can fluctuate quite a bit day to day but what a great thing to have a day of zero deaths for the whole state. We’ve come a long way in just a few months.

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    Speaking of data fluctuating, I think something else worth mentioning with today's numbers from the OSDH is that the number of active cases (which I've felt for a while has been way too high) plummeted from over 10,000 to less than 2400. OKC went from 1500 active to under 500. Very encouraging signs that additional deaths may stay in the single digits or even stay at zero for now.

    Less encouraging is that the number of fully vaccinated Oklahomans have practically stalled out. What was growth of 0.5-1% a day was .04% yesterday.

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