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    Default Re: Covid-19 in OKC (coronavirus)

    Quote Originally Posted by soonerguru View Post
    I understand the process, and I understand it's a bit conspiratorial, but of the 56 deaths announced yesterday, only 2 were from February, and 26 from January. That means that half of those deaths were from November or before. I understand the process of investigation takes a while, but several months?

    We know that the Stitt administration has done all sorts of things to fudge the data.

    The timing of this lag in reporting coincided with the massive uptick in cases and hospitalizations. If the deaths were being reported on a timely basis, say, two to three weeks after the actual deaths, we would have been seeing as many as 100 Oklahomans a day die.

    So you can dress me down all you want but waiting months for a death announcement is fishy to say the least.
    Appreciate the response. I’m “dressing you down” because it is conspiracy that’s not based on fact and it foments distrust in the system at a time when we need confidence in the system. We’re dealing with this BS from people on election integrity; we don’t need it here on this issue.

    You may think it’s “fishy” but you also outright implied it was an intentional PR conspiracy to mislead people. That’s why I responded. It’s not fishy and it’s not a conspiracy. The process OSDH uses is based on systems they used long before COVID. There is no doubt it could be done better, but they have publicly acknowledged this repeatedly and have been entirely transparent that they believe the numbers will come close to the CDC’s. They’ve been working on improvements for a long time, but when you have severely strained resources, it takes time.

    So again, you can hate the process—again, a process that was in place long before COVID—and there are good arguments to be made that it should be better in a lot of ways, but none of that means the people doing the hard, thankless work to get the data right are doing it because they’re part of a conspiracy to trick the public for PR reasons.

    As my old friend Ted Lasso says, be curious, not judgmental. Try to understand why things are the way they are before advancing arguments intended to undermine people’s confidence in our system, which, by the way, is actually doing quite an amazing job.

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    Default Re: Covid-19 in OKC (coronavirus)


    It's a funny thing about discussion forums and the internet in general... All opinions are often regarded equally.

    But on certain subjects, there are always experts and insiders who just simply know more.

    On this subject, King183 knows. And I for one really appreciate the information and insight.

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    Default Re: Covid-19 in OKC (coronavirus)

    Appreciate the information king183!

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