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    Default Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic

    OKC Pro Am bicycle series is announcing on their Facebook page today that after 8 years, they don't have the manpower and the finances to continue the event in downtown OKC.
    This is a real loss for OKC and leaves only Tulsa Tough as the premier race event in Oklahoma.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic

    Yikes that's a bummer. Does that mean it goes away or that it's moving out of downtown?

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    Default Re: Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic

    dang, that's sad news...i actually enjoyed going to this the last couple of years.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic

    Event is completely cancelled for the year, but they hope to bring it back in 2021. If you don’t know it, the OKC Pro-Am is a three-day bicycle racing criterium in three different downtown districts. Very manpower-intensive. Just my $0.02 but I think downsizing to one or two courses instead of three would help a great deal. Hope it returns.

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