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Thread: CBD tinctures?

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    Wife got a CBD (no THC) tincture at a dispensary a year or so ago (lavender-flavored), worked great for her insomnia, but ran out. Found a replacement at another dispensary (chocolate-mint-flavored), ran out. She didn't keep or make note of the box, bottle, or manufacturer either time, and is having a hard time finding a CBD tincture at a dispensary (either they don't carry them or they have THC in them too).

    Wondering if anybody knows of a place (dispensary or regular retail) that carries a CBD tincture of maybe 250mg strength (she doesn't remember that either) that's in between Reno and NW 63rd/I-235 and the Hefner Parkway (any other place would work, just that the closer to NW 36th/May, the more convenient for us)?

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    I got some at CBD Plus on Classen that was THC free

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeepnokc View Post
    I got some at CBD Plus on Classen that was THC free
    Wow, total brainfart, didn't even think of those guys, they're all over, thanks, will check them out!

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