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    Default International Sporting events in Oklahoma

    Good afternoon,

    I wonder if OKC, or other Okies cities try to attract international sporting events. I am not talking Olympic games but for example;
    Everett,WA just hosted the tennis Fed cup USA vs Latvia.
    Closer to us, Wichita KS, will host few USA games of the volley ball women's league of nations against Turkey, Japan and Belgium.

    These are events OKC can easily host I think and give a more exotic flavor than the usual events we have around.

    Any input welcome.

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    Default Re: International Sporting events in Oklahoma


    The International Canoe Federation is excited to announce that the third annual canoe sprint Super Cup will be held in Oklahoma City, USA, and will see Olympic and world champions racing under lights for the first time.

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    Default Re: International Sporting events in Oklahoma

    I think we are strong in the international softball area. And it seems like wrestling is a possibility.

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