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    Default Liquor tax in restaurants

    I seem to recall a lawsuit a few years back about this. Beer/Wine/Liquor tax is around 18%. Some restaurants add it in to their menu price and you will pay sales tax only. Some restaurants price it on menu pre-tax and you pay the liquor tax on top of menu price. Some places roll sales tax into the price and menu price is your total bill. Is there any rhyme or reason to this? Patriarch and Frida will charge both liquor tax and sales tax. Torchys tacos is sales tax only. Skinny Slim's has all taxes covered in the menu pricing. Is there a cheat sheet somewhere for which place does what?

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    Default Re: Liquor tax in restaurants

    Until you find a schedule of all of this: I seem to recall that Kat's had their tax included in the price of the Bud Light. Interurban and The Garage add the tax on top.

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