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    Classen Nuway Cleaners Property

    Price $4,150,000
    Total Sq. Ft. 77,109

    Originally constructed in 1919 for the Nuway Laundry Company, the next century of this property would see expansions and additions for a variety of Nuway businesses including a cold storage plant, frosted food company, distribution company and an auto sales and leasing venture. In 2005, Love Link purchased the building to expand the non-profitís compassionate ministries which included a thrift store and food pantry.

    During their ownership, Love Link worked with the EPA and DEQ to remediate residual environmental issues from previous uses and kept the building in good working order.

    Architecturally, this property features a streamlined art moderne facade with a mid-century drive thru, a series of storefronts on the north, and warehouse entrances facing south and west. The recognizable Nuway sign is still intact on the building.

    The property consists of three units: 1110 Linwood Blvd (building drive thru), 1122 Linwood Blvd (Main Building) and 1200 Linwood Blvd, (a .65 acre parcel of land to the west of the building.)

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    Really nice, thanks for sharking.

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    surprised it hasn't been snapped up by the cbd/thc industry

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    I worked here the summer after my Senior year in high school, when it was still a full function professional cleaners. I was a "helper" of the owners son, who was the in house electrician. I got shocked SO MANY times that summer, and did several stints on the line loading and unloading the giant washers. You do NOT want to see what hospital laundry looks like... or restaurant laundry for that matter... oof the smells !!

    Building has a lot of character, I will be interested how this gets reused.

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