I was driving on SW 104th just west of Crest and noticed utility marker flags posted on both sides of the street, on the easement in front of the church on the north side of the street and in front of the strip mall fronting the Crest.

Does anyone have any word on what's pending here? I've looked for building permits and found nothing, and even looked on the OKC city website for possible street or light projects, but found nothing.

The utility flags are confined to the area between the Crest driveway west to just beyond the residential addition entrance just to the west. I wondered if maybe a turn lane was going in? This area can get congested when Crest gets busy.

Thought I would post here and see if anyone had some ideas. Also wondered if maybe this could be a lead up to something going in the empty outparcel at 104th and May beside Starbucks...