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    Depends on where you're working. Denton is a great town in its own right, but living in Denton and commuting to Dallas sounds like the worst thing in the world.
    My brother lives in Denton and I asked him one time how he could live there, His response....we never leave Denton and know the back roads. He has a law office there and he only handle cases in Gainesville to Denton.

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    I really don't agree with what was said here. Conservatives believe in social programs, we just don't put up with wasteful spending, and social programs are an easy channel for inflated budgets or mismanagement of funds. Oklahoma has a money management problem, and this has come up many times in the past where contractors for the state are overpaid, money used for personal expenses. The list goes on and on.

    America by and large has gotten into a very dangerous habit of tribalizing political parties and using that as grounds for empty, useless debates that politicize issues such as education, mental health and medicare. All I hear is red this, blue that, right wing, hard left. It's all talk and no action. The problem is - Republican or Democrat - we don't hold our lawmakers accountable. We're too busy attacking the opposite party. It's a symptom of a bigger problem and its evidence of a society in decay.

    Until this country wises up and starts exercising even a 10th of the maturity it used to have, then these problems will just continue to quantify. Too many politicians anymore are too absorbed in their careers. Don't think for a second they actually give a crap about the people in their district.

    This thread is really about a topic that isn't worth discussion. Comparing OKC growth to Dallas growth... Dallas is an entirely different animal. In the 1980s, when oil went bust, Texas went pro-business. Oklahoma did not. Instead, Oklahoma simply kept raising taxes to do nothing but keep the lights on in state government and did little or nothing to attract new business. Population in Texas continued to grow, Oklahoma as a whole lost population between 1982 and 1989 and struggled throughout the 1990s. Can't change history.
    Help me to understand your position better:

    It appears you are a conservative and you are opposed to wasteful spending? I will guess you are opposed to waste, fraud and corruption? Can you tell me who you think is in favor of waste, fraud and corruption? And how "they" might be acting in a fashion that is in favor of that?

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