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    Far North Who was the owner of this home???

    Hey All...

    Waaaaaaaaaay back in the early 1980's when Quail Springs was new and there wasn't much around it....there were a few homes to the South of Quail Springs.

    Right at the intersection of N Penn and Memorial....where Wendy's restaurant is now there was a home and the guy sold trampolines and swing sets....BUT

    The home in question was a little farther South of N Penn and Memorial.

    I remember a very nice looking home ....now it's a bank, an NBC Bank if I'm correct. It's at I believe NW 133 and Penn.....up the old driveway which is now NW133rd.

    The owner saw the future of OKC moving North to the Penn/Memorial area and sold the home to a bank. To this day I still feel sorry for this beautiful home, the family and spacious land...selling it to get out of the rat race of OKC surrounding you!!! I mean...there was a large pasture around this really cool home. The home went North and South with and "X" shape at the end of the N and S sides . The bank..NBC added on but I'd like to know who the owner of family was.


    I went in there a few years ago and talked to a banker/receptionist and they didn't know anything about it originally being a home. I didn't just want to walk around and make the employees a little uncomfortable ( LOL..) so I left without any knowledge. Anyone know the story behind this home and question of mine?


    North Penn and Memorial area.......on the West side of Penn......behind Hibdons and Aldi.....NOT the newer looking building directly behind Aldi.......NW 133 & N Penn area.



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    The Cravens mansion, IIRC. The wife was a big presence in the society scene in OKC during the 1970s and before, If I am remembering what my sainted mother told me 30-50 years ago. Seems like her name was Vinita Cravens.

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    Yes, it was the Cravens Mansion.

    Capital Bank bought it circa 1983.

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    Correct. It belonged to the Cravens family. I remember my parents taking me there on a weekend afternoon for a nationally televised event. A live national feed from OKC was big, big doings back then. What was the event? Just kids like me riding ponies and petting farm animals. Some coast to coast show host wanted to show what children were doing around the country that day.

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