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Thread: Fox 25 NEWS.

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    Default Fox 25 NEWS.

    I see Mike Brooks is now gone. Is there a reason why Fox 25 can't seem to keep news people around for very long. Maybe a 3-4 years tops.

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    My educated guess...salary that is not competitive and less staff but more work required.

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    He’s in Tulsa now, I can’t recall which station right this second.

    BTW he has a YouTube channel Monkey Wrench Mike. He likes to get old Mercedes and wrench on them. He’s a pretty decent mechanic.

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    Kjrh nbc2

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    KOKH is simply a stepping stone for people with talent - as is much of the Oklahoma market. Plus, there is tons of management and personality issues that go no behind the scenes with all stations. Some key people will find their niche and not want to move around and will settle in to the salary and stay - but most will move on or be pushed out.

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